It’s not easy being a job seeker. There are resumes to perfect; contacts to network with; databases to scroll through; references to check on; cover letters to write…

It’s not easy being trans, non-binary and/or gender nonconforming. You are not sure if you should come out to employers; you are worried co-workers will express transphobia; you are mis-gendered in an interview…

It’s not easy!

However, there are resources and support out there to help your job search become just a little bit easier. You are not the first person to this and you won’t be the last! (These resources are also helpful for allies and family members to consider when supporting a trans person.)

  1. Know Your Rights: (this is CA based so check on a state by state basis):
  2. Coming out in the Workplace
  3. Tips for Allies
  4. Dress for Success! Look for trans and genderqueer friendly tailors such as Bindle and Keep featured in the new documentary “Suited” on Netflix. Visit the Stevenson University Career Success Closet to pick out a free outfit to help you feel confident when you land that interview!

This March 7th, the Office of Career Services will be partnering with the office of Multicultural Experience on the Diversity Career Expo.

Learn how to positively promote your diversity/skills/strengths during the application process, have candid conversations with employers who are looking to recruit for interns, volunteers or full-time positions. Network with organizations, make connections and hopefully land a position! 

More details to come.. check Handshake for locations dates and times.