On February 5, the Office of Career Services hosted an information session with three retail managers from Nordstrom who came to speak with Stevenson students and alum about their internship program. Nordstrom is known for their upscale fashion and retail excellence, but many might not know about their commitment to their employee’s professional development or that they were on Fortune 100's Best Companies to Work For in 2015 

Nordstrom offers several internships including Retail Management, General Headquarters, Merchandising & Planning, MBA, Technology, and Fashion Ambassador. This information session was specifically about their Retail Management Internship, a crash course in proper management and customer service skills. The internship lasts three months and begins in June, requiring full-time work, Monday through Sunday. The position is almost entirely commission based with an hourly rate for anytime not spent on the sales floor.

Interns can work in the many departments within the store, from shoes to jewelry. The typical daily tasks can include briefing with managers, checking shipments, merchandise reporting, and corresponding via email. However, the majority of time is spent on the sales floor interacting with customers.

Freddie Brown, one of the managers present at the information session was asked what she loved about working for Nordstrom, “The people I work with every day, because teamwork makes the dream work.” Working for Nordstrom requires a passion for fashion, retail, and customer service, although they do not require any previous experience, they do expect employees and interns to be willing and ready to work hard.

After the information session, Brown and her colleagues interviewed eight Stevenson students for the internship, an exclusive opportunity for direct access to hiring managers. One of many great benefits of attending events hosted by Career Services.

In a world where the majority of the time you have to stand out virtually with a resume and a cover letter and wait for an invisible person on the other side to offer you an interview, it’s nice to know there are still ways to connect face to face with employers.

Sessions like these give students an opportunity to learn more about organizations, the positions they offer, and the people who work there.  

Stay on the lookout for more great opportunities like this on our Career Services Calendar or check out some of the Business Breakfast Hours we have scheduled for this semester.