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Tips/Lucky Seven

As your student embarks on his or her university experience, thoughts of post-graduation plans are not far behind. At Stevenson University, where career planning and exploration are at the heart of our mission, we have seven tips on how you might be most supportive of your student's journey.

University Majors and Career Paths

What is the best major or career to choose? That depends upon where your student's interests lie and what motivated strengths they are most energized to use on a consistent basis. Research has shown that people are most successful and use more of their potential in areas where they are engaged, and this relates to both academic study and work environments. Ask questions about what subjects your student is most excited by and find out which activities energize them the most. Employers pick up on a candidate's genuine enthusiasm and passion for a particular field and hire those they know will make a contribution, not only because of their skills but also because of their interests, passion, and values. 

 A useful resource for your student to explore is the Career Pathways located in the Office of Career Services Portal. Select a major to see its pathways.

Career Decision-Making

University life presents any number of opportunities to enhance decision making skills, a key top skill that employers seek in candidates. The consideration of career paths is a valuable decision-making process that can begin freshman year through scheduling an Individual Career ArchitectureSM Plan appointment with one of our professional career counselors. Your student will work with someone who serves as a liaison to the School in which your son or daughter is enrolled. Not sure of a major? Not a problem. We have any number of assessments to assist with choosing a major and career path.

Work Experience

Employers today demand relevant work experience when sourcing new college talent. A minimum of one internship experience is standard; however, multiple internships are desirable in today's competitive job search and work environment. The Office of Career Services helps to facilitate non-credit internships, while academic programs typically require at least one credit bearing internship for program completion. All non-credit internships are advertised through Handshake, our online recruiting tool. Encourage your student to begin internships early in their university career.

Activities and Other Co-Curricular Experiences

Engaged students are developing additional experience outside of the classroom (co-curricular) to include on their resumes. Often times, student clubs and organizations offer an opportunity to acquire and build leadership skills, another skill that employers find desirable in new graduates. Stevenson has more than 40 clubs to choose from.


As with most things in life, the more we practice something, the more mastery we acquire. The same holds true for crafting a resume, honing interview skills, and developing a personal brand. Our staff review every resume that is uploaded into Handshake to ensure quality and we will invite your student to meet with us to review and make their resume the very best that it can be. We also offer videotaped mock interviews with constructive feedback on ways to improve. Since the construction of a "personal brand" is an important element in today's virtual environment, students are coached on developing their 30 second commercial for in-person networking and for their LinkedIn profile. Employers review resumes in 60 seconds, get an impression when first meeting a contact in the first 10 seconds, and decide the outcome of an interview in the first five minutes. We can help your student portray their best self in each of these areas.

Early use of Career Services

The early bird gets the worm. We are equipped to begin work with your student in their first year and continue throughout his/her graduation. Waiting until senior year is not recommended. Historically, students who take advantage of career services and activities often are usually most successful in their job search.

Network with Employers and Alumni

Stevenson University hosts numerous employers and alumni on campus throughout the year in a variety of venues. In collaboration with our academic departments, we develop and host industry symposiums, career fairs, networking events, employer in residence programs, employer information sessions, and on-campus interviews. A constantly updated list of our events can be found under Career News and Events. Encourage your student to network with employers early in their university career since many organizations begin to source talent in the sophomore and junior year.