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Returning to SU for Grad School

Deciding on pursuing a graduate program can be a huge decision. Whether you are a recent graduate with minimum work experience or an experienced alumni, there are many factors to consider when making a decision. Here are some initial things to consider as you embark upon this journey:

  • What are my reasons for pursuing a graduate degree?Returning to SU for Grad School
  • How will it benefit my personal, professional or career goals?
  • What program should I study and why?     
  • Do I want to undertake a graduate program full-time or part time?
  • Do I want to do a traditional graduate program or an online program?
  • How will I pay for the graduate program? Will my employer help pay?

Our Industry Specialist for Graduate and Professional Studies, , can help you explore your graduate studies. As alumni, you are able to access career services at no cost. Appointments can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. To make an appointment, Contact the Office of Career Services at 443-352-4477 or log onto Handshake to schedule your appointment.

To learn more about graduate programs at Stevenson University, visit the Graduate and Professional Studies website.