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Career Architecture Process

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Career ArchitectureSM:
A Model in Action

The Stevenson Career Report 2014
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Stevenson is one of the leading universities in addressing the skills and tools our students will need to determine their individual strengths and interests for the best potential for career success. The three elements for building careers through Career ArchitectureSM are actually a framework of Theory, Practice, and Mentoring.

There are three distinct components to Career Architecture: personal direction, discipline expertise, and professional know-how. These are not step-by-step nor linear. You'll learn theories, apply them in a practical manner, and uncover new mentors. All to prepare our graduates for their next steps in life.


Personal Direction

This initial self-awareness process at SU is actually fun and helps you create a personal plan for life and work. After an initial individualized session, we focus on inspiring each of our students to reflect on the future, starting with a freshmen seminar and through activities all the way up to graduation. Our career guidance enables you to explore skills, values, personality, and interests with some of the latest assessment tools available to determine your dependable strengths rather than a job title. A favorite freshman activity is an annual LEGO® Challenge, part of the First Year Seminar. The LEGO event is a popular way to work in teams to learn about skills employers seek: communication, innovation, teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity.

Discipline Expertise

Building upon classroom knowledge and theory, this aspect of Career Architecture is all about putting theory to work through internships, service learning, on campus employment, and part-time jobs. Develop skills and learn how to apply them. Those you work with become your mentors and, according to employers, help Stevenson students stand out as they seek to later enter the workplace as competitive candidates.

Professional Know-How

Part of the career preparation support process is helping you to pull together from your other Career Architecture efforts and now develop your professional "brand" for methods and opportunities after graduation. Your personal description includes your self-assessment and learning experiences combined to describe you authentically and in an engaged, interesting fashion. Career fairs, networking symposiums, conferences, seminars, and more help you prepare for a successful job search or for applications to graduate school.

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Stevenson's academic advising coupled with its Career ArchitectureSM process strengthens your career path by helping you discover the academic major that fits your deepest values and interests.