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Career Architecture Process

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Career ArchitectureSM:
A Model in Action

The Stevenson Career Report 2015
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Stevenson University is one of the leading universities in providing comprehensive career development and preparation for the workforce. Through the use of theory, practice, and mentoring, Stevenson faculty and staff work with students to develop and Individualized Career ArchitectureSM Plan (ICAP).

There are three distinct components of Career ArchitectureSM that include Personal Direction, Discipline Expertise, and Professional Know-How. This distinctive process prepares you for lifelong career management, not just for your first job after college. 


Personal Direction

This initial self-awareness process helps you create a personal plan for life and work. After an initial session, we focus on inspiring each of our students to reflect upon their motivated strengths, industries of interest, and how values impact the decision making process. Our career guidance enables you to explore skills, values, personality, and interests with some of the latest assessment tools available to determine your dependable strengths rather than a job title. A favorite freshman activity is an annual LEGO® Challenge, part of the First Year Seminar. The event is a popular way to work in teams and learn about skills employers seek: communication, innovation, teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity. Personal Direction is the foundation of the career development process.

Discipline Expertise

Building upon classroom knowledge and theory, this aspect of Career ArchitectureSM pertains to putting theory to work through internships, service learning, on-campus employment, and part-time jobs. You will develop skills and learn how to apply them. Those you work with may become your mentors and help guide you through the career development process. Experiential learning helps Stevenson students stand out as they seek to enter the workplace as competitive candidates.

Professional Know-How

Part of the career preparation support process is pulling together your other Career ArchitectureSM efforts and developing your professional "brand" for opportunities after graduation. You will develop your professional brand for use in your resume, at networking events, during interviews, and in your online presence. Career fairs, networking symposiums, conferences, seminars, and events help prepare you for a successful job search. The professional branding process is also helpful in the graduate school application process.

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