Salary and benefits are the two most common determinants job-seekers use to make the decision to accept a job offer, or continue the search. This isn’t all that different from prospective students during the college search process who often focus on the cost of tuition and availability of financial aid.

Unfortunately, if these are the only criteria used to make these major life decisions, they frequently won’t lead to a positive experience. Finding a satisfying job and choosing the right school to attend goes beyond these financial pillars and into a more ambiguous space. The biggest difference between a good and a bad job, and the right college and the wrong one is commonly the ‘fit.’ It’s the intangibles that make the biggest difference.

For our Stevenson juniors and seniors, you will soon be actively on the job hunt. You will be submitting applications, taking interviews, and considering your options. While finding a job that will offer adequate salary and benefits is very important, be sure to consider whether or not the company or organization is the right ‘fit’ for you.

What is the culture of the organization? During the interview process, were the employees you met individuals you would enjoy working with? Does the environment, the job description, the goals of the organization motivate you to work harder and achieve success?

Consider your internal values and how they may play out in the workplace. A feeling of inclusion and working with others with similar values has shown to have a significant impact on self-motivation and satisfaction for employees.

It’s our role in Career Services to help students better understand the type of work environment where they will thrive. Depending on the student’s skills and desired career path, the right ‘fit’ can vary greatly. This is why in Career Services, we are assembling a staff of Industry Specialists that will work with our students to help them better understand the field they are moving toward.

To date, Career Services has Industry Specialists for the School of Business and Leadership, the School of Design, and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies with plans of hiring more to meet the needs of students throughout the University.

Our Industry Specialists will coach students to develop their professional brand and connect them with a network of professionals in the industries of interest. Our career services department continues to work toward making these meaningful connections and improving the transition for our students as they move into the job market.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Stevenson can help you find the right ‘fit’ for your career, contact Career Services at or visit or offices on the first floor of Wooded Way on the Owings Mills Campus.