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It’s the very first week of the fall 2014 semester at Stevenson University, and the campus is buzzing with activity. The Welcome Picnic, a perennial hit among incoming Mustangs, is a great chance for new students to connect with leadership and members from a variety of clubs, student groups, and departments of the University. The Office of Career Services always has a presence at this event, sharing information about all of the upcoming career events and programming, but this year, for the first time, we invited recruiters from local employers to join us and engage students directly about some great part-time employment opportunities.

Everyone knows that Stevenson Mustangs are some of the hardest working, most career-minded students around, and area recruiters from T. Rowe Price, The Maryland Zoo, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, and The Black Olive showed up hoping to leave with some promising candidates for their positions. In addition to attracting these well-known organizations, we also looked a little “closer to home” to invite neighbors; Noodles & Co., Stone’s Cove Kitbar, and The Shafer Center. Instructors from Reisterstown’s No Limits Training Gym wowed onlookers with demonstrations of mixed martial arts sparring, while sourcing applicants for administrative/clerical as well as instructor positions. Other partners for this event included: The Y of Central Maryland, Fastenal, Towne Park, Alethas Institute, Zeffert and Gold Catering, The Classic Catering People, Fun Photos 4 U, Squisito, SECU, and the Stevenson University Student Employment Office.

On average, employers talked to about 20 prospective applicants a piece, and most came away hopeful about interviewing and/or hiring a student they had connected with. Many recruiters in attendance were especially pleased to be included in the Welcome Back picnic festivities, which also offered them a chance to see what student groups and clubs are active on campus.

For many college students, choosing a major is the biggest decision they have ever had to make. Many are fearful that if they make the wrong choice, they will be miserable and jobless for the rest of their life. While this is not true, we understand the pressure surrounding this decision. At Stevenson University, we want students to feel confident in who they are and the decisions that they make.

Without a strong sense of one's interests, strengths, values, and personality, choosing a major can be extremely overwhelming. At Stevenson University, we understand that this process of Personal Direction takes time to develop and articulate. We encourage students to begin working with a career advisor early in their college career--ideally during their freshman year....

Salary and benefits are the two most common determinants job-seekers use to make the decision to accept a job offer, or continue the search. This isn’t all that different from prospective students during the college search process who often focus on the cost of tuition and availability of financial aid.

Unfortunately, if these are the only criteria used to make these major life decisions, they frequently won’t lead to a positive experience. Finding a satisfying job and choosing the right school to attend goes beyond these financial pillars and into a more ambiguous space. The biggest difference between a good and a bad job, and the right college and the wrong one is commonly the ‘fit.’ It’s the intangibles that make the biggest difference....Click here to read more.

The third annual Senior Career Seminar, on Friday, September 12, is fast approaching. This interactive workshop allows seniors to work directly with some of the areas top employers, and receive immediate feedback on career topics such as "developing your personal brand and pitch," "interviewing to make a positive impression," and "LinkedIn from a recruiters perspective." 

Employers include CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Enterprise Holdings, Federated Insurance, TEKSystems, KDGA, and more. 

Spend the afternoon learning what you need to know to be successful in the career search before you graduate. More information and registration is found on Stevenson Career Connections.

All too frequently a student will schedule an appointment with a single thought in mind. The student will arrive with a resume in hand in hopes of a quick review before they can begin applying for jobs or internships.

That’s when I ask, “What do you want to do?” Then it gets interesting.

Motivation is far more important than most students realize. As a career counselor, I won’t even look at a resume until I have a conversation with a student about what motivates them. These conversations shouldn’t be intimidating. While bragging and boasting, or considering strengths and weaknesses can make some uncomfortable, personal reflection is critical to find the right direction for each student....Click here to read more.


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