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Forms of Giving

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To learn more about giving, please contact Jennifer Smith at 443-334-2194 or

Community Investment Tax Credits

Your gift of $500 or more may be eligible for Community Investment Tax Credits. Through this program, you can earn tax credits on your Maryland tax return equal to 50% of the value of your donation. These tax credits are in addition to the deductions on both Federal and State resulting from your gift. Tax credits must be used for the year the contribution is made and are available until December 31, 2015. For additional information, contact Heather Parr-Stewart Lang at or 443-527-2229.

Employer Gift Matching

Employer gift matching is a great way to increase the impact of your donation. By taking advantage of a company's matching gift benefit, you may be able to double or even triple the amount of your contribution to Stevenson.

How do I get my gift matched?

Each company has its own guidelines for employees, spouses, retirees, and widows/widowers. Most corporate procedures are very simple:

  1. Request a Matching Form from your company.
  2. Complete and submit the form to Stevenson University along with your gift.
  3. Stevenson University will verify the completed form and return it to the company.
  4. The company issues a matching gift contribution to Stevenson University.

Please send completed forms to:

Stevenson University
Office of University Advancement
1525 Greenspring Valley Road
Stevenson, MD 21153-0641

Gifts of Stock

Stevenson University welcomes gifts of stock. Below are two ways you can transfer stock to us. To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your gift, please notify us of your intention by calling 443-334-2229 and advise us where to designate your gift.

Making a DTC Automated Stock Transfer

Instruct your broker to contact Robert Belanger at Brown Advisory. You can reach him at 410-537-5532. Please give your broker the following information:

First Clearing (Bank name)
Stevenson University Gifting (Account name)
8586-1767 (Account number)
0141 (DTC number)

Mailing a Transfer

Send the unsigned stock certificate with an instructional note indicating how to apply the gift to:

Stevenson University
Office of University Advancement
1525 Greenspring Valley Road
Stevenson, MD 21153-0641

Please include an instructional note with the certificate indicating the owner/donor of the shares and how the gift is to be applied. In a separate envelope, please send a signed stock power form with a copy of your note of instruction. The certificate remains non-negotiable until it is joined with the stock power at the University. The date for establishing the gift value of the stock is the postmarked date on the envelope when it passes from your control.

Charitable Bequest

A will provides unique ways to be philanthropic. You may leave many types of gifts to a charity by making a charitable bequest through your will. Types of bequest gifts could be a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, or personal property. Providing a charitable bequest will allow you leave a legacy or memorialize a loved one while enhancing the value of your estate. Doing so will let you leave a legacy or memorialize a loved one, while enhancing the value of your estate.

Charitable Gift Annuity

With a charitable gift annuity, you make a gift to Stevenson University and, in return, receive a guaranteed fixed amount of income per year for life. The amount you receive is based on your age when you establish the annuity and whether it includes payments for you or a spouse as well.

Gift annuities also provide you with significant tax benefits:*

  • A charitable deduction taken on your tax return the year you make the gift
  • Tax savings on the income you receive from the annuity
  • If your annuity is funded with appreciated stock, you avoid capital gains tax on part of the gain, and spread out the remaining capital gains tax over your life expectancy

*Tax benefits vary by income and circumstances. Please consult your accountant to maximize tax savings.

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Stevenson University
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