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Career Services

Career Services continues to assist alumni.

As a graduate of the University, you can always access a variety of career services support to help you manage career transitions.

Career Counseling

Our career counselors are available to meet with you in person, by telephone, or through Stevenson Career Connections whether you are seeking a complete career change or simply transitioning from one job to another. To schedule a personal appointment, please call 443-352-4477.


Stevenson Career Connections lists positions at diverse levels in a variety of fields. These are updated frequently. You can even create your personal search engine. We encourage you to include your resume in Stevenson Career Connections if you are actively seeking employment as employers can access resume lists. If you need to set up an account, please call 443-394-9277.

Networking Events and Workshops

You are always invited to attend networking events with employers that Career Services hosts on campus. Please check our calendar of events for the most up-to-date list. You can easily RSVP for many of them through your Stevenson Career Connections account.

Become a Job Magnet

Twice a year, we also offer the "Dependable Strengths Articulation Process" two-day workshop. This intensive workshop is ideal for individuals who are considering either a job or career change. Through careful exploration of good experiences we begin to develop patterns of motivated strengths and then create a tool that clearly demonstrates your worth and value. Concrete methods of networking are practiced. Workshops are typically held in January and June of each year.


Give back to students following in your footsteps.

Professional Mentor Network

Are you interested in sharing your professional background and how you got to be where you are with current students? Would you like to discuss career pathways and have informational interviews with our students? If so, you might want to consider becoming a Professional Network member through Stevenson Career Connections. You decide on the number of students who can contact you and what content areas you wish to share. Students can search on your major, industry, and career field and then reach out to you to request further information. The initial contact is made virtually through Stevenson Career Connections. A set of guidelines and protocols for our mentors and students is provided to help create a mutually beneficial relationship.
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Recruiting Stevenson Talent

As a graduate of Stevenson University, you know how talented and well prepared our students are for the workplace. With practical experience already acquired both inside and outside of the classroom, Stevenson students are ready to hit the ground running. We are happy to work with your organization to help recruit Stevenson talent.

Stevenson Career Connections

Stevenson Career Connections is your one-stop online recruiting tool.

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