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The Alumni Loyalty Award honors a graduate who consistently demonstrates loyalty...Click here to read more.

The Distinguished Alumni Award honors a graduate who embodies the Stevenson University tradition of excellence through personal accomplishment, professional achievement, and humanitarian service. ...Click here to read more.

The Young Alumni Award is presented to a graduate of the past ten years who has achieved extraordinary success while remaining engaged and connected to the University....Click here to read more.

Ricky Sanchez '98 (left) announced the inaugural recipient of the Mustang Gala Alumni Award and presented the award to his friend, former teammate, and fellow Dick Watts Athletics Hall of Fame member, Trey Shackleford '96 '02 (right)....Click here to read more.

Alumna, Quinn Somerville '12, took home a second place victory from the annual Mustang Lift-A-Thon, hosted by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Quinn lifted an impressive combined total weight of 340 pounds.

The week of Monday, March 6 through Thursday, March 9, members of SAAC invited students, alumni, faculty, and staff to participate in this annual event benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Participants competed in a modified powerlifting competition.  Each competitor attempted to produce their best one repetition maximum effort in two of the three traditional powerlifting exercises (bench press, back squat, and deadlift).  The single highest rep performed by the competitor in each of the two lifts was added together for a total weight lifted score.  Prizes (and bragging rights) were awarded to the top three finishers for both the male and female competitions.