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Tuition & Fees

Stevenson University is committed to ensuring that a high quality college education is available to all academically qualified students. The opportunities we provide are growing constantly, yet our tuition and fees remain competitive. More than 90 percent of Stevenson students receive some form of financial assistance and the University's generous scholarship program grants awards based on academic merit.

The figures provided on this page are for the academic year 2017-2018. View tuition and fees for graduate and adult undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate Studies


Tuition (per year, for students taking 12-18 credits per semester)*                                                $33,046
Total full-time tuition and fees (per year)$35,490

*Students interested in taking 18 or more credits will need permission from the Academic Dean. Overload Tuition $425 per credit (over 18 credits).


Tuition (per credit, for students taking 11 credits or less per semester)$835
Fees (per semester)$75


SU Apartment (includes laundry fees)                                                                          $9,856
SU Suite - (includes laundry fees)$8,284
SU Suite - Single (includes laundry fees)$9,010
Wooded Way Suite (Double)$8,718
Security Deposit (end-of-year refund, without damage to facilities)$150

Today students often rely on more than one resource for paying for college. We encourage you learn more about the financial aid process and the financing options available to you.