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Transfer Fellowship

A full-tuition opportunity

Stevenson University’s Transfer Fellowship recognizes incoming transfer students who have the demonstrated potential to make a lasting impact on the Stevenson community as shown by their commitment to academic excellence and proven leadership in scholastic-based and extracurricular activities, as well as community service. In identifying Transfer Fellows, Stevenson seeks to recognize students whose contribution to the University will be meaningful and in the spirit of innovation and discovery which has been the hallmark of Stevenson and its community. Students chosen as Transfer Fellows will receive a full-tuition scholarship, renewable for up to four years, for full-time, undergraduate, continuous, non-accelerated enrollment starting fall 2018.

Who may apply for the Transfer Fellowship?

Those transfer applicants who have applied for admission to Stevenson University’s fall 2018 start term and who have:

  1. One full-time semester of college level coursework (12-15 credits) February 1, 2018 
  2. Minimum GPA of no less than 3.0 (on a 4-point scale)


Whether submitted in hard-copy through the mail or electronically by email, transfer applicants applying for the Transfer Fellowship should submit:

  • The Transfer Fellowship Application Cover Page with the following attachments:
    • A resume detailing educational history along with any work/internship experience and community- or school-based involvements
    • The short essay regarding their proposed student engagement with community involvement (100-150 words)
    • The key essay regarding career and life goals (approximately 500 words)

And request two references that will complete and return the Fellowship Reference Form . These individuals should be professionals that the applicant has interacted with via education, work, or volunteer experience and who will comment on the student’s focus regarding career and school, his/her work ethic, and his/her enthusiasm for learning.

The application and review process for the Transfer Fellowship for fall 2018 has been completed.

Materials should be sent to:

Transfer Admissions
Stevenson University
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117-7083


Evaluation Criteria

Fellowship applicants and all submitted materials will be evaluated on the following:

  • Academic strength
  • Demonstrated understanding and enthusiasm for their chosen major and career path
  • Use of language, appearance, and creativity of submitted work
  • Leadership experience


  • Applicants will be notified by email within one week of receipt of all required documents
  • Finalists will be contacted during the week of April 3-7 to schedule an on-campus interview. Phone interviews may be arranged where travel is a hardship.
  • Notification of final awards will be mailed to all applicants on April 13, 2018

Please note: The full-tuition Fellowship scholarship cannot be combined with any other Stevenson awards. The scholarship does not cover the cost of room, board, and fees. This scholarship is only available to traditional undergraduate students. RNBS, RNMS, or ATB students are not eligible to apply. Stevenson Online students are not eligible.