Editor’s Note: Throughout the summer we’ll be featuring a post by one or more of our Orientation & Welcome Leaders (OWLs). The OWLs are current undergraduates at Stevenson who serve as orientation assistants for incoming students and tour guides for prospective students throughout the summer. As their name suggests, the OWLs are very wise and will be offering valuable and timely advice to the Class of 2021. We hope you enjoy this summer series on the Admissions Blog.

Our contributors for the final "Words from the Wise" post are the Senior Orientation & Welcome Leaders. Avery Engel ’19 is a Criminal Justice major from Lutherville, MD. Priscilla Williams ’18 is a Visual Communication Design major from Mechanicsburg, PA. Meg Hren ’18 is a Human Services major from Halethorpe, MD. Peter Appiah, Jr. ’19 is a Legal Studies major from Silver Spring, MD.


The Senior OWLs with their supervisors at the end of summer brunch. Pictured from left to right: Molly Hayeslip, Assistant Director of Guest Experience, Avery Engel, Meg Hren, Priscilla Williams, Peter Appiah, Jr., Michelle Kinnally, Assistant Director of Admissions

Class of 2021, welcome to your second week at Stevenson. You are finally a Mustang! Below are some words of advice from each of the four Senior OWLs. Take the advice to heart and remember they are passing down knowledge they wish they had heard their freshman year.

Avery Engel: My first piece of advice is be organized! When you are organized, you will have less stress, more time for sleep, better connection with teachers, and an all-around better experience in college. Secondly, take a minute to breathe. College can become overwhelming, so make sure you are taking some time to relax.

Priscilla Williams: Get involved! College is exactly what you make of it, so why not make it the best? You are all entering into four years of self-discovery, and it’s completely okay to branch out and try new things. The experiences you expose yourself to will only help you as you grow here at Stevenson. As someone who was a lot more reserved my freshman year, I can definitely say that getting involved with different clubs and organizations helped me come out of my shell.

Meg Hren: My two pieces of advice to follow are 1) make sure you get involved on campus and make the most of your time here, but also 2) don’t spread yourself too thin. It is important to get out of your shell and join organizations and attend events. However, make sure you leave enough time for rest and sleep, enough time to eat, and enough time to do your homework. Don’t allow yourself to become stressed by trying to do too much – find a balance.

Peter Appiah, Jr.: Don’t be afraid to have fun! We don’t have to shoulder the burdens of adulthood by ourselves because we are away from home. Let out your inner child sometimes. It’s okay to be a little bit childish sometimes because that childlike nature we have is a part of us. Be who you are and never be ashamed of that.

We wish you all the best of luck this year. We hope you make the best of these four years, after all you get in what you put out. As always, it's a great day to be a Mustang!