Start using a daily planner to track your commitments now and continue the habit in college. Pictured above: Lexi Cohen's, Admissions Fellow and junior Business Communications major, planner for the month of October

Entering your senior year of high school can be both incredibly exciting and a little bit busy.  There are a lot of great milestones for you to look forward to, but there’s some work you’ll need to do to get there.  From classwork to college applications, clubs to athletics, you may find this year you have more on your hands than ever before.  Don’t worry.  There are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself in control and on target.

A daily planner is a good way to keep track of your work, commitments, and deadlines. Be sure to write down your homework as soon as it’s assigned, your practice schedule as soon as you get it, and your application deadlines as soon as you know them.  Nothing’s worse than missing out on something because you forgot to write it down.

Student To Do List

Create lists to remember assignments due each week. Pictured above: Zuryna Smith's,  Admissions Fellow and senior Business Communications major, To-Do List

In addition to keeping track of things in your planner, don’t forget to set time aside to actually do your homework and applications.  Know yourself and know how much time you need for an assignment.  Space out projects that will take long periods of time rather than doing them all at once.  Do one application at a time rather than doing them all the night before the deadline.  Study for the week leading up to a test, rather than cramming the night before.  Giving yourself plenty of time to complete assignments and applications will help you do your best and keep your sanity.

The dreaded “senioritis” is also something to be on the lookout for.  Later this year, once your applications are done, your classes are wrapping up and you’re starting to think longingly about going to college, you may be tempted to take it easy and put less effort into your schoolwork.  Don’t let your work ethic and study habits go to waste.  The best way to make sure you’re prepared for the college classroom is to keep up with your work this year.

But don’t let yourself get bogged down with all the nitty-gritty.  It’s your last year of high school, and you should be able to enjoy time with your friends, enjoy the traditions of your school, and spend time with your family.  There may be a lot you have to get done this year, but don’t forget there’s a lot of fun you can have as well.