Shaylah and her mom during freshman move-in last fall

Over the past few weeks, we have shared information and advice for students considering joining the Stevenson Class of 2021. Now, we want to take a moment to highlight a current student who is nearing the end of their freshman year on campus.  

Name: Shaylah Brown

Major: Accounting

Graduation Year: 2020

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Involvements On Campus: Admissions overnight host, ’47 House (student organization focused on marketing, PR, and advertising), financial management association, receptionist at the Office of Career Services

Why did you choose to attend Stevenson?

My family and I love SU’s welcoming environment. Not only does my mom feel comfortable with me being here, but I also think of Stevenson as a second home. The people here have such positive vibes and just seem to emanate happiness! There is always something new here, whether it is the creation of a club or the opening of the Kevin J. Manning Academic Center.

What has been your favorite thing about your first year at SU?

The best part of my freshman year has been the movie nights my friends and I had during the first semester. On Sunday or Saturday nights, we would go the TV Room in the Ratcliffe Community Center or one of our rooms. My friends and I are not only growing from the resources available on campus, but also through empowering each other and supporting one another. We all have different goals and dreams, but we motivate each other to reach our highest potential and give everything we do, everything we have.

What are your goals for life post-graduation?

If someone asked me this question at the beginning of the first semester, I would have a very detailed plan to give them. However during my time on campus, my interests have changed. Luckily, Jennifer Jericho and Jen Wheeler from the Office of Career Services were there to help me sort things out. Since high school my goals have always been to have a job that not only pays the bills, but the soul as well. I  want to give back to my community and be an inspiration for others. Whether it’s creating a program or being a mentor, I want to provide children the guidance I had and be a role model like mine were to me.

You are approaching the end of your first year- what are looking forward to for the next three years?

I look forward to learning and having new experiences, both personal and professional! I have a vision of the person I want to be when I graduate. I’m excited about the journey to get there - about the people I will meet, the places I’ll go, and the things I’ll do!

What advice would you give to current high school seniors trying to decide where to attend this coming fall?

I think it’s important to consider comfort when deciding on colleges. For the next four years, this will be your home, even if you do not decide to live on campus. The school’s environment will have the greatest influence on your growth, personal more than professional. If you can’t see yourself growing, maturing into the individual you yearn to be, then odds are, that’s probably not the right fit school for you. Visiting campuses is imperative when choosing schools. The best way to “get a feel” for the school is to see it first hand! When you’re actually on campus, you’ll know whether or not a school is the perfect fit for you. When visiting, ask the tour guides plenty of questions. That’s what they are there for! Even try to ask other current students about the campus, to get different perspectives on what being a student at that school is like.


Interested in visiting campus as Shaylah suggests? We welcome admitted freshmen to attend Accepted Students’ Day on Saturday, April 1. Registration is available online.