Our office began mailing merit-based award notifications to all eligible admitted students in December.

During this time of year, many students and families may begin to wonder what other financial opportunities are available in addition to potential awards from Stevenson. In addition to merit-based awards, eligible students can apply for SU's specialty scholarships including the Service and Leadership Scholars Programs, the Art and Design Scholarship, and the Founders’ Scholarship. Still looking for more scholarships?  Here are a few tips to help you apply for scholarships outside of Stevenson. 

What are Outside Scholarships? Many scholarships and grants are offered by private sources, such as fraternal and religious organizations, labor unions, professional associations, social groups, and ethnic associations. Because they are private and therefore not administered by Stevenson, you will need to research and apply for them on your own.

Where to start? There are many scholarship options available, but finding just the right ones to apply for can sometimes be difficult. There are many scholarship sites, but you can start with Fastweb, CollegeBoard Scholarship Search, and Central Scholarship Bureau (MD residents only).

Also be sure to stop by your Counseling Office or College Center to ask about additional opportunities.  Local organizations and sometimes school departments may be offering scholarships that your counselor can talk to you about.

Use your time wisely. Once you have finished filling out and submitting your college applications (or are almost done), you may be wondering what you’re going to do with all the extra time.  Well, you have just found your next project! You should spend the same amount of time you spent filling out college applications on completing scholarship applications.  If you need a refresher on how best to manage your time this year, check out this blogpost.

What’s a good scholarship amount? The simple answer to this question is that every scholarship is a good scholarship.  You may be thinking that when you apply for scholarships, only the largest amount will be able to make a difference.  While there are certainly many large scholarships, don’t turn a blind eye to smaller scholarships.  You’ll be surprised how quickly those small amounts can add up.

Apply far and wide. Just like many students don't apply to only one college, you should try to apply for multiple scholarships.  There are hundreds of opportunities available, so don’t leave any stone unturned. Try setting goals of how many scholarships you will apply for each week.  If you keep up a steady pace throughout the year, by the time you graduate you’ll have plenty of applications finished.  If you’re required to write essays, make sure to save them all; you may find you’ve already written an essay that can be used for another scholarship application.  Keep organized, and keep applying!

If you have any questions about Financial Aid, feel free to contact your Admissions Representative. You can also contact the Financial Aid Office directly by calling 443-334-3200 or emailing