Presidential Fellowship Review

At the beginning of this and last week, each staff member received a stack of Presidential Fellowship files to review. Some students also submit portfolios as part of the application.

Everyone on the freshman admissions team has a stack of files on his or her desk right now that looks like this. These brightly colored files can only mean one thing - Presidential Fellowship review is underway! When students apply to the university all their documents are scanned and we read those applications online as opposed to using actual paper files. For a variety of reasons, though, we do things differently for Presidential Fellowship, our full-tuition scholarship program. The application deadline for the Presidential Fellowship for fall 2016 was November 1.  

After all the applications came in they were expertly organized by Marty Schmidt, our senior assistant director of admissions who handles logistics for Presidential Fellowship review. Marty uses a pretty intimidating spreadsheet to organize the files and assign them out for review. He ensures each file is read twice, by two different members of our staff other than the applicant's admissions counselor. The counselor's review of the student's application to the university is conducted separately. We each have one week for our first reads and then another week for our second reads. Currently we're in our second reads. When we come back from Thanksgiving break we'll have a long, difficult committee meeting to select our finalists - difficult because we know there are so many deserving applicants. We will notify all our Presidential Fellowship applicants of their status by mid-December. Our finalists will interview on campus in February and final selections for the fellowship are made by March 1. We'll try to keep you updated here on the blog during each step of the process.