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Throughout the year, the Freshmen Admissions staff reads thousands of applications, where we learn a lot about you, as students. Now is your chance to learn a little something about the person reading your application, signing your decision letter and chatting with you over the phone and email. Meet our staff......Click here to read more.

In the past, we have answered the most popular questions asked during travel season: here and here. We considered writing another “Questions from the Road” piece, but then we thought it might be better to provide advice about the types of questions you should be asking at college fairs or during campus visits. We can provide answers to the most popular questions or we could share how you could ask about what is important to you....Click here to read more.

All high school juniors and seniors who attended our Open House on September 24, 2016 were entered to win either a free semester in a Stevenson suite (juniors) or one year free of tuition, fees, room and board (seniors). Winners were selected at random from a list of all attendees who checked in by 9:00 a.m.


Gabriella Makowiecki, North Harford High School (Class of 2018 - suite winner)
Christabelle Agyapong, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Class of 2017 - tuition winner)

Your admissions counselor will be calling you soon to congratulate you and provide additional details.

Didn't win? Seniors who apply by December 1, are admitted, and then visit after being admitted are entered into a drawing for tuition, room and board. That winner will be announced following our Accepted Students' Day in April. Full details on our giveaways are at Check out upcoming campus visit events and register at

One of the best parts of working in Admissions is getting to meet our prospective students. Throughout the fall our staff members (we call them counselors or admissions representatives) travel the country to visit with students at high schools and community colleges and attend college fairs. From now through Thanksgiving, Stevenson admissions counselors will visit over 550 high schools and attend about 350 college fairs, mostly on the east coast.  Want to know if we’ll be near you? Contact the counselor assigned to your school or area to check their visit schedule....Click here to read more.

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The end of the school year means enrolling in college or graduating from college for many students. For another group of students, however, their journey is just beginning. Finishing junior year of high school is certainly a big accomplishment. Students are almost done with high school and more than likely spent the year studying more than they ever have and had to devote more time to extra-curricular activities. Being able to officially consider yourself a senior in high school is a big step, but can also seem overwhelming. Oftentimes, senior year means even more studying and commitments. And on top of all that, college applications are looming. Fear not, you have the entire summer to start preparing and planning for your senior year and we have some tips for how to have a productive and fun summer....Click here to read more.

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