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Open House

Admissions Open House events bring an influx of prospective students and families to the Stevenson campus to explore what life is like at SU and gain valuable information from various departments. On Saturday, October 14, Stevenson hosted the second open house of the fall. Below you will find some pictures of the event as well as insight into how it all comes together....Click here to read more.

In Admissions, the fall is known as “travel season”. Our staff spends weeks meeting prospective students during high school visits and college fairs. The end of November and month of December look very different. This time period is often referred to as “reading season”. Our staff spends most of their time in the office reading applications and participating in Admissions Committee. In fact if you have recently tried to call or email a member of our staff, you may have received a message stating they were in the office but participating in Committee. Admission materials are all stored online, so our staff is glued to their computer screens. We always make sure to take some breaks though - keep reading to see what really happens during reading season....Click here to read more.

Throughout the year, the Freshmen Admissions staff reads thousands of applications, where we learn a lot about you, as students. Now is your chance to learn a little something about the person reading your application, signing your decision letter and chatting with you over the phone and email. Meet our staff......Click here to read more.

In the past, we have answered the most popular questions asked during travel season: here and here. We considered writing another “Questions from the Road” piece, but then we thought it might be better to provide advice about the types of questions you should be asking at college fairs or during campus visits. We can provide answers to the most popular questions or we could share how you could ask about what is important to you....Click here to read more.

A few months ago, some of our staff decided to humble ourselves by sharing portraits from our senior year of high school. With prom and graduation approaching for our Class of 2020, it felt right to share more photos! This is a time of change for seniors, so we also wanted to share some advice from our own experiences.  Finishing high school and starting college can be overwhelming; you probably have lots of questions or maybe don’t even know what to ask. Thankfully lots of people have been there before to show you it can be done, including our staff. We are here to answer your questions about Stevenson or about what to expect your first year in college. Use us as a resource, we are here to help (or you can look us up to see what we look like now)....Click here to read more.