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In the past, we have answered the most popular questions asked during travel season: here and here. We considered writing another “Questions from the Road” piece, but then we thought it might be better to provide advice about the types of questions you should be asking at college fairs or during campus visits. We can provide answers to the most popular questions or we could share how you could ask about what is important to you....Click here to read more.

One of the best parts of working in Admissions is getting to meet our prospective students. Throughout the fall our staff members (we call them counselors or admissions representatives) travel the country to visit with students at high schools and community colleges and attend college fairs. From now through Thanksgiving, Stevenson admissions counselors will visit over 550 high schools and attend about 350 college fairs, mostly on the east coast.  Want to know if we’ll be near you? Contact the counselor assigned to your school or area to check their visit schedule....Click here to read more.

Spring Travel

The weather is warming up and our staff is hitting the road once again! We travel extensively in the fall, but being in the office for a few months starts to make us wish we were back on the road. Spring travel is a bit different than fall travel, as we are meeting sophomores and juniors and helping them begin their college search process.  Our schedules are less structured compared to fall travel, so it can be hard to keep track of where everyone is on any given day. Check with your counselor to see if they are visiting your area or check the list below. ...Click here to read more.

2015 Graduation

Our Spring 2015 graduates preparing to enter the Commencement Ceremony held on the Greenspring Campus.

With Fall Travel Season officially over for our staff, we have all made our trips back to the office from our various travel territories.  Across the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Puerto Rico and even a trip to California, we have met students in their high schools, at college fairs, and even a few Panera Breads.  Whether you’re traveling in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or any other state, students and families all seem to be asking the same questions.  During our brief chances to catch up, I’ve polled the office and pulled together a list of our most common questions, which we’ll answer in this post....Click here to read more.

Throughout the fall, our admissions counselors have been all over the country attending high school visits, college fairs, and conducting interview nights. We call this time of year “travel season”.  Each of our counselors travels to a particular region that we call our “territory”. In the fall, we visit schools in our territory and in the winter and spring we will review all the applications from that area. You can find the contact information for your admissions representative online. We typically leave the office for our travel season in early September, and most of our staff won’t return to the office full time until November. As our travel season is winding down, here is a recap of what a day might look like during travel season. ...Click here to read more.

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