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In Admissions, the fall is known as “travel season”. Our staff spends weeks meeting prospective students during high school visits and college fairs. The end of November and month of December look very different. This time period is often referred to as “reading season”. Our staff spends most of their time in the office reading applications and participating in Admissions Committee. In fact if you have recently tried to call or email a member of our staff, you may have received a message stating they were in the office but participating in Committee. Admission materials are all stored online, so our staff is glued to their computer screens. We always make sure to take some breaks though - keep reading to see what really happens during reading season....Click here to read more.

Today is August 1st and that means Stevenson is now accepting applications for fall 2017! There are three easy ways to apply – Stevenson’s online application, the Common Application, or our paper application. Choose an online method of application and we waive our $40 application fee, so you can apply to Stevenson for free. All methods of application are equally valid. We have no preference and won't consider your application any differently based on how you apply - use whatever method makes the most sense for you. You'll find the same questions and essay topics on all versions.

Our Admissions Committee reads applications on a rolling basis, which means applications are read and decisions are released throughout the year. The first decisions for fall 2017 freshman applicants will be sent on or about October 15. Before we can read your application, though, you need to submit all the required materials. Learn more about what you need to submit to be considered for admission at

All freshman applicants who apply by February 1 are automatically considered for our merit-based scholarships, which range from $10,000-$19,000 per year. If you'd like to be considered for our full-tuition scholarship, the Presidential Fellowship, you'll need to submit your application materials and complete the Presidential Fellowship application by November 1, 2016. Download the Presidential Fellowship application and read more about all Stevenson’s scholarships (including those for transfer students) at

Contact your admissions counselor at any time if you have questions about applying. We look forward to reading your application soon!

Visit SU

The end of the school year means enrolling in college or graduating from college for many students. For another group of students, however, their journey is just beginning. Finishing junior year of high school is certainly a big accomplishment. Students are almost done with high school and more than likely spent the year studying more than they ever have and had to devote more time to extra-curricular activities. Being able to officially consider yourself a senior in high school is a big step, but can also seem overwhelming. Oftentimes, senior year means even more studying and commitments. And on top of all that, college applications are looming. Fear not, you have the entire summer to start preparing and planning for your senior year and we have some tips for how to have a productive and fun summer....Click here to read more.

Brett and Eric














Brett Trace, Admissions Counselor, (left) is a bit more casual than we like to see young men dressed for an interview. Eric Welkos, Transfer Admissions Counselor, (right) is dressed more appropriately for an interview. The tie is optional! 

What do I need to do to prepare for this interview? I am so nervous, what if I don’t do well? 

If you have ever asked yourself  any of those questions, look no further, as I am here to help ease your anxiety about preparing for an interview. Interview skills are great to practice for the college process and for jobs during and after college. At Stevenson, we always welcome optional admissions interviews, where you can discuss your future plans or experiences you’ve had in high school with an admissions representative. We also require interviews for the Founders' Scholarship, Service Scholars Program, and Presidential Fellowship.

Below you will find some tips on how to feel more comfortable going into an interview. ...Click here to read more.

2015 Graduation

Our Spring 2015 graduates preparing to enter the Commencement Ceremony held on the Greenspring Campus.

With Fall Travel Season officially over for our staff, we have all made our trips back to the office from our various travel territories.  Across the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Puerto Rico and even a trip to California, we have met students in their high schools, at college fairs, and even a few Panera Breads.  Whether you’re traveling in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or any other state, students and families all seem to be asking the same questions.  During our brief chances to catch up, I’ve polled the office and pulled together a list of our most common questions, which we’ll answer in this post....Click here to read more.