Open House

Admissions Open House events bring an influx of prospective students and families to the Stevenson campus to explore what life is like at SU and gain valuable information from various departments. On Saturday, October 14, Stevenson hosted the second open house of the fall. Below you will find some pictures of the event as well as insight into how it all comes together.  

Open House - Staff

Our admissions representatives love the opportunity to talk with prospective students and their families at an Open House, especially if we met them earlier during our travels. It is also a great opportunity for our staff to catch up with each other during travel season, since we don't get to see each other very often.

During the Open House, guests are given the opportunity to learn more about our academic programs, financial aid, and athletic teams as well as eat lunch in the Rockland Marketplace and tour the residence halls. At the October Open House, guests were also treated to special appearances by President, Elliot Hirshman (pictured above), the Marching 100, and All Natural, Stevenson's a cappella group.

An Open House is the culmination of weeks of preparation from faculty members, staff, and the Director of Campus Visits, Carol McDaniel. Before we can open our doors to guests, every detail must be checked to ensure the day will run smoothly. Carol McDaniel, liaisons with the admissions office and multiple partners around campus to confirm seemingly minute details like whether A/V equipment is in working order, agendas have been printed and triple checked, and to address any last minute questions or concerns. It’s not uncommon for our student ambassadors and admissions staff to arrive well before the first guest arrives to be ready to greet our visitors.

Open House - Students

During an Open House, student ambassadors run around behind the scenes to hand out materials, offer a smile to anyone who passes, and direct students and families to their specific academic session locations.

Legend has it, if you rub the nose of our mascot, you’re bound to have good luck. We make sure our guests don’t forget to rub the nose of the Mustang outside of Garrison Hall.

An Open House is definitely a busy day that is jam packed with information and resources for our guests. Our faculty, staff, and current students want every guest to leave with a better understanding of Stevenson and the exceptional experiences we offer to our students. If you didn’t have the opportunity to visit campus in October, we’re holding an Open House on Saturday, November 18. Registration is available online. We hope to see you there!