Editor’s Note: Throughout the summer we’ll be featuring a post by one or more of our Orientation & Welcome Leaders (OWLs). The OWLs are current undergraduates at Stevenson who serve as orientation assistants for incoming students and tour guides for prospective students throughout the summer. As their name suggests, the OWLs are very wise and will be offering valuable and timely advice to the Class of 2021. We hope you enjoy this summer series on the Admissions Blog.

This week's contributors are Orientation & Welcome Leaders, Aleesia Medina'19 and Vaniah Hall '19. Aleesia is a Nursing major from Eastampton, NJ, and Vaniah is a Digital Marketing major from Upper Marlboro, MD.

An “Orientation and Welcome Leader” at Stevenson University, is a fun summer job, that comes with great responsibility. Our positions have connected us with current students and incoming freshmen, who we might not have met otherwise. Although freshmen and parents are left in awe by our song and dance, there’s a lot more to being an OWL than just an amazing remix to Bruno Mars. We will give you an exclusive backstage pass to a Stevenson University Mustang Day!  

The day starts off with a warm welcome from OWLs spread across the Owings Mills Campus. Part of our job to is to make sure that everyone gets to where they need to be, when they need to be there. Mustang Days start at 10:30a.m., but we are there bright and early to make sure everything is perfect for our new Mustangs! Warm smiles help ease nerves and get excited the new freshmen excited for their Mustang Day!

Senior OWL Priscilla and OWL Anthony greeting parents and incoming students as they enter Rockland!


Throughout the day, students are able to sit in on various information sessions given by Stevenson Faculty and Staff, to outline all of the important aspects of being a Mustang! The students learn everything there is to know about being a Mustang, from the Office of Academic Integrity.

What we like the most is helping students register for classes! As OWLs, we assist freshmen in the process, with the help of faculty, Student Success Coaches and the Registrar’s Office, this is the first step towards independence for the incoming freshmen. As the new Mustangs walk out of the room with a full course load and a few early morning classes, we know we have done our job successfully!

For the two weeks of Mustang Days, the OWLs work with the freshmen to ensure they have the best possible Mustang Day and are ready to start college in August. Although the two weeks are tiring, the OWLs manage to look good each day!

At the end of each long day, the OWLs come together to celebrate a job well done. 1, 2, HOOTY HOO!