In the past, we have answered the most popular questions asked during travel season: here and here. We considered writing another “Questions from the Road” piece, but then we thought it might be better to provide advice about the types of questions you should be asking at college fairs or during campus visits. We can provide answers to the most popular questions or we could share how you could ask about what is important to you.  

Instead of “Is [insert major here] good?”, ask “Why should I major in [insert major here] at SU?”

I think every program at Stevenson is “good”, otherwise I wouldn’t be working here. Try to avoid asking yes or no questions; allow our staff to share their knowledge about our programs and what makes them different. Give us the chance to talk about our excellent faculty and opportunities for internships, research, and capstone courses.

Instead of “What is the most popular major?”, ask about something that interests you.

The most popular major at SU is Nursing, which is great, if you are interested in Nursing. Interested in a career in graphic design? Ask about our Visual Communication Design program. If you only ask about the most popular majors, you miss out on learning about the other excellent majors SU offers. Focus on what is important to you, not what other students are choosing as their major. Unsure about your major, that’s ok! The same rules apply to asking about student groups. Ask about clubs or organizations you are interested in or tell us what you are involved in now and we’ll share what we have available at SU.

Instead of “What is tuition?”, ask about scholarship opportunities.

Obviously it is important to understand how much college will cost, but you won’t really know the answer until you consider your financial aid opportunities. Roughly, 90% of Stevenson students receive a form of financial aid. SU offers numerous scholarships and accepts the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Depending on your academic profile and interests, you might qualify for a merit-based scholarship and our Service Scholars program. You don’t know until you ask!

Instead of “What is the admit rate?”, ask about average GPA and test score ranges.

The admit/acceptance rate only shares part of the story. The percentage of students admitted to SU each year doesn’t help you understand how your application might be reviewed. Our admissions committee utilizes a holistic review process, meaning we consider the whole picture of a student. Want to learn more about our averages and ranges? Reach out to your admissions representative.

Not sure what to ask? That’s fine! Here are some questions you might ask at a college fair or during a campus visit.

When talking with a current student:

-Why did you choose to attend SU?

-What has been your favorite class?

-What is your favorite memory, so far?

When talking with a SU grad:

-What was your favorite thing about being a Stevenson student and what is your favorite thing about being an alumnus?

When talking with staff or faculty:

 -Why did you decide to work at SU?

 -What is the best thing about working with SU students?

Want to try out your new questions? Ask your admissions representative if they will be visiting your area for school visits and college fairs or sign up for an on campus visit. The Admissions Office is open for visits Monday-Friday and most Saturdays. The next Open House will be held on Saturday, November 19.