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The cooler weather in September provides the perfect backdrop for students to put ideas to work outside of the classroom. After two weeks of practicing various methods for framing design and business problems and generating solutions, junior and senior-level Visual Communication Design majors were sent by their professor, Amanda Hostalka, to Fells Point to apply what they’ve learned....

On the first day of the First-Year Seminar class, each first-year Visual Communication Design major wrote down a fact that no one else in the room knew about them, and then they had to guess who the fact related to. We had a great time learning new things about one another and guessing who belonged to which statement! Here are the facts, so you can get to know the new class better…...

We expected to see many familiar student faces at the gallery reception celebrating featured faculty, George Moore. And we did. Visual Communication Design 2013 and 2014 alums from BelAir, MD to Lancaster, PA came down to the Greenspring Gallery to reconnect with their favorite ART & VCD faculty and with one other. ...









Assistant Professor Alissa Jones will now be our dedicated internship coordinator for the Art & Visual Communication Design department. Alissa has been teaching graphic design courses at Stevenson since Fall 2010....Click here to read more.

Memorandom Senior Exhibition Video
Watch the video above for memos about the artwork from the designers.

"We had a tremendous turn out! The gallery was full and everyone was engaged. This was the most diversely interactive exhibition that we produced. This show was very conceptual and the students executed it," commented professor Lori Rubeling, who is also the curator for the GALLERY@Case[werks] in Baltimore.

Seniors in the Exhibition Design class were given an open-ended creative brief to explore Visual Communication Design specifically in a gallery context. From there, students practiced design thinking, and through collaboration, discussion, and editing arrived at this year's exhibition concept of Memorandoms. The show explored the powerful world of interactive message-making today. It analyzed society's relationship to social media messaging and how it affects people's attitudes, engagement, and behaviors.

In addition to creating the artwork, students were responsible for designing, curating, installing, and promoting the exhibition. They sent out their message about the show through traditional print pieces as well as social media campaigns.  #sumemorandom

The Memorandom Senior Exhibition was displayed from April 17 to May 23 in Stevenson's Greenspirng Art Gallery. Work of seniors Nick Crossen, Derrick Cullen, Jack Darlington, Katie Fersch, Caitlin Foarde, Chris Jaeger, Abby Monson, and Kristina Rowe were featured in the senior show.

View the Stevenson Flickr album for more images from the exhibit opening.

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