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Visual Communication Design News

Steven Silberg visits Photo Portfolio Class
UMBC Professor Steven H. Silberg shows an example of one of his early-career physical portfolios to students at Stevenson University Feb. 25.

Steven H. Silberg visited Photo 480: Photo Portfolio Development at Stevenson University to talk about his work and offer insight into how he chooses work and presents his own portfolio. In addition to being a prolific cross- and multi-media artist, Steve is a Lecturer in Foundations, concentrating in photography and video, at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and the winner of the Washington Post’s 2010 Real Art DC competition.

Stevenson Scholars Exploring Materials and Rapid Prototyping Design Ideas

Nineteen Visual Communication Design Stevenson Scholars spent the morning of February 14th, designing prototypes with Inna Alesina, visiting SU design professor.

High school seniors from as far way as New Jersey and Richmond, VA, explored the design process and created products from their new-found friends’ ideas.

Each student was given a series of steps to follow to generate and create their design solutions. Each step took less than 5 minutes! To learn more about design thinking and specifically Inna Alesina’s process, watch “Ready, Set, Design.” 

 Students in VCD 380

Visiting designer Michal Rotberg led an IDEO-style idea-generation workshop for students enrolled in spring 2015 VCD 380 Professional Design Studio. To learn more about Michal and her design interests, you can go to her web site:

Visual Communication Design majors generated ideas for the “Whole Foods Rating System” international design competition organized by the You Can Now organization,

Pictured are Joe Sullivan (Society for History and Graphics) and VCD senior Alex Pak Pictured are Joe Sullivan (Society for History and Graphics) and AVCD senior Alex Pak.

Pictured are Mark Figueredo (Black and Decker) reviewing AVCD junior Caitlin McCall’s conference program layout.

Pictured are Leah Matthews (Leah Rianne Photography) reviewing AVCD junior Ashleigh Kilgour’s portfolio.

Pictured are Ebondy Kenney (Ripe Fruit Creative) reviewing VCD senior Kia Dawkins’ portfolio.

Congratulations to AVCD juniors and seniors who presented their portfolios to the AVCD advisory board. Eleven reviewers provided feedback to 34 students on December 10, 2014.

This annual event provides crucial feedback to AVCD design students as they develop their design expertise and strategically plan for their employment in graphic, motion and interactive design studios.

Wide Angle Youth Media portraits
“I was honored to host a group of young media students from the Wide Angle Youth Media group yesterday at Stevenson University. I held a short mini-lecture on using grid-spots, gels, snoots, and radio controlled studio strobes. They were so excited and enthusiastic! Here are the portraits from the students.” — Jefferson J. Steele
Wide Angle Youth Media group photo

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