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Sales Management and Leadership

Compete for customers and clients in the business-to-business environment.

The area of sales management is focused on the promotion and sale of a company’s products and/or services. 
Sales Management and Leadership
  • Overview


    Bachelor of Science

    The Bachelor of Science in Sales Management and Leadership provides a program of study using the principles of marketing, management, and sales to learn how to effectively compete for customers and clients in the business to business environment.  This degree program will develop sales and marketing skills to offer the graduate at least five distinctive career paths: full-time sales product or general company representative; manufacturer sales representative; corporate sales management; personal professional services; or franchise owner.  The approach to this program will be to provide an in-depth examination of the major components of sales.  They are environmental analysis, development of individual and team sales approaches, how to interpret an organization’s operational and fiscal strategies, management and leadership theory, and sales communication processes.  

    What Will You Learn?

    • Apply the essential elements and theories of sales and marketing in a variety of business and personal professional settings.
    • Integrate the knowledge of marketing and management/leadership theories and procedures into sales planning and performance.
    • Interpret the current and future sales domains as they relate to a specific organization.
    • Evaluate the significance of specific markets and marketing processes in the development and application of alternative sales plans.
    • Utilize market trends and environmental analytics to influence target markets.
    • Demonstrate effective sales management and leadership skills in a variety of organizational settings.
  • Courses & Requirements

    Courses and Requirements

    The courses listed below are required for completion of the bachelor's degree in Sales and Management Leadership. Students must also complete the requirements for the Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE).

    Specific pre- and co-requisites for each course are listed in the course descriptions.

    Major Requirements

    • Survey of Accounting
    • Macroeconomics
    • Microeconomics
    • Advanced MS
    • Business Law
    • Principles of Management
    • Business Writing (WI 200 level)
    • Business Ethics
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Strategic Supply Chain Processes
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Principles of Negotiations and Sales
    • Sales Management
    • Professional Selling Strategies
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • Marketing and Sales Analysis (WI – 300/400 level)
    • Marketing Internship (6 cr. requirement);
    • Special Topics in Sales (such as pharmaceutical, insurance, B2B sales, B2C sales, marketing channels, technology used in sales, etc.)

    Last Updated: 10/19/2017

  • Tracks & Minors

    Tracks and Minors


    A minor in sales management and leadership is not available.

    Last Updated: 10/19/2017


What Can You Do With This Degree?

Graduates of our Sales Management and Leadership program embark on many rewarding career choices, including:

  • Account manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Inside sales representative
  • Nonprofit development associate
  • Online sales manager
  • Sales operations analyst
  • Technical sales representative

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