Antietam battlefield in the spring. (Photo courtesy of NPS Antietam Website)

Stevenson Public History having fun-- once again-- on the road.   Recently, a cohort from Stevenson's Public History Program went on the road to help the National Park Service (NPS) at its annual spring clean-up at Antietam National Battlefield.  Accompanying Professors McGraw and Erdman were PHIST majors Caroline Smith, Zane Wetzel, and Stephanie Czeslowski.

Possibly the worst attempt at camouflage in the world!

The day's events involved several hours of clean-up work in the morning followed by lunch.  After lunch, the group received a one hour orientation talk from a National Park Service ranger.  Professor McGraw led his fellow participants on a guided tour of key portions of the battlefield.  Having brought along key pieces of his extensive personal collection of Civil War artifacts, Professor McGraw was able to illustrate much of his tour to those drafted to participate.

Following are a number of photos I've received from folks who were on the trip.  Since I wasn't able to attend, I've had to guess at what the captions would be.  Have fun!!!

OMG---did he just fit that whole rake in his mouth!


That Minie Ball I just fired costs money--could you please go get it for me?  It's out there.....

I swear--that window is shatterproof.  Just throw this at it and you'll see........

How fashion conscious public history majors accessorize on the battlefield.

The bathroom is six miles in this direction.

You be the judge--which one had more fun?  Professor or student?