HIST 336: The American Civil War

Instructor: Joseph McGraw

This course will explore the bloodiest conflict in our nation’s history and the revolution that accompanied that conflict. The America that emerged from the Civil War was radically different from the America of 1776-1860.   Few if any aspects of American life failed to be transformed by four years of bloody conflict.  Even the meaning of the American Revolution itself was transformed. Although these transformations were not completed between 1861-1865, they were set in motion in irreversible ways and laid the foundations of the America in which we live today. Race, gender, class conflict, the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the tensions between the ideals of freedom / liberty and equality, and so much more were wrestled with during the Civil War and are still being wrestled with today. This exploration will occur both in the classroom and on battlefields in Maryland.Experience the war, Experience the revolution!