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Student Lisa Taffe, an upcoming May 2015 graduate of Stevenson University's Psychology Program, in the lab working on her research project.

Her reseach involved monitoring the hunger hormone in the brain of animals that were given doses of methamphetamine.

Students in Dr. Tulloch's Animal Behavior Class gave their presentations on their experiential learning with the Maryland SPCA. The SPCA is an organization directed towards the betterment of pet welfare and animal care.

The Annual Spring Psychology Student Poster Session was held May 6th from 10-12 p.m. in the Greenspring gym, bigger and better than ever before. With over 110 posters presented and just as many participants, the showcase was a huge success.

Donald Rhoads and Zach Houston present a study on Introversion and Extroversion in relation to athletes.

Jeremy Lannen presenting his self study on increasing reading time through positive reinforcement.

Dr. Lasson and his Multicultural Psychology students present their class poster on the psychological effects of discrimination across cultures.

Chris Ceary and Sam Eddy representing RISE, an empowerment organization they founded this year at Stevenson.

This has been the departments largest spread of experiential learning, research, and field placement yet. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and for continuing to strive for excellence!

Dr. Tulloch's Animal Behavior class had two new visits from different animals this month. The first was Bubba the miniature Vietnamese pig, belonging to students Shannon Logue and Ashley Bialiff.

Students attempted to condition Bubba to choose a certain blanket over another when placed on the floor.

The second guests were two dogs of different breeds, Zora and Canela.

The goal with this activity was for the students to observe breed differences in canine aggresssion. Both dogs were allowed to wander the room with students paying particular attention to their interactions.


Last week Psychology adjunct Dr. Colleen Spada welcomed guest speaker Dr. Erin Stoll to her classroom.

Dr. Stoll discussed cyber bullying, a social infliction usually predominant within younger age groups.

Dr. Stoll works at the Family Center in Ellicott City and has written and spoken extensively on the use of technology and social media outlets as tools for bullying and harassment. She regularly speaks to parents about what they can do for their children to prevent, protect, educate, and empower them.



    (Dr. Spada's attentive class)

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