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Psychology News

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Meet the Faculty was a great success! Thank you to the Psychology club for organizing and hosting the event and thank you to the awesome staff members that were able to introduce themselves to our new students. We appreciate everyone who was able to stop by!

The psychology club will be holding an event for students to meet our department's faculty tomorrow on Wednesday, September 6th, from 12:00-2:00 PM in SC 109 on the Greenspring Campus....Click here to read more.

Once more, the venerable and vaunted, Dr. Ryan Schurtz, has published an insightful op-ed in the Baltimore Sun titled Baseball Science Baffles Even the Scientists. Here, Dr. Schurtz explores the difficulty of baseball 'science' because of its high speed nature, leaving us to appreciate the split-second decisions players must make. You can read it below:

An article about Dr. Ingrid Tulloch was published in the Jamaica Observer back in August!

The article provides a glimpse into Dr. Tulloch’s early life in Jamaica, her move to the U.S.A., her education, and her professional life. Dr. Tulloch’s expertise in the study of brain activity in response to drug abuse (especially methamphetamine) is also discussed.

Check out the article if you're interested in reading more.

Decoding Your Dreams

Dreaming is one of the most interesting things humans do…in my opinion anyways! Some people remember them and some do not. But even then, some recall them vividly, while others only remember bits and pieces.

Gary Popoli, Ph.D. was asked to discuss dreams on Better TV. Dr. Popoli is an adjunct professor for the department; his concentration is in human development.

In his interview, Dr. Popoli explains how often you dream and when dreaming occurs in your sleep cycle. A really interesting part of the interview is when he talks about common dreams that people have and then explains what the dreams mean. Some of the most common dreams are: being chased, falling, teeth falling out, partner cheating, and flying!

Check out Dr. Popoli’s interview.