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Nursing Resource Center

The Nursing Resource Center (NRC) provides nursing students with the opportunity to practice learned skills in a simulated hospital environment. The Nursing Resource Center has an expanded facility that includes three rooms equipped with head wall systems, oxygen, and suction devices to accommodate 9 beds and a stretcher bay area. Transfer equipment such as stretchers, slide board, and wheelchairs are available for students to use as well as a variety of nursing supplies such as tube feedings, IV maintenance, dressing changes, and injection practice. Isolation and medication carts are stocked with supplies for practice. Our new VitalSim family is available, each with vital sign capability. Noelle, our birthing manikin is used for Labor and Delivery practice and scenarios and our SU Nursery is equipped with three babies. In addition, we have SimMan, a computer-operated manikin with voice activation who simulates a "live" person in a number of different nursing scenarios. Computer programs in the NRC allow students to work on diverse tasks, such as dosage calculations and licensure examination preparation. The Nursing Resource Center is staffed by three master's prepared registered nurses who provide personalized instruction to students: Jean Wilson, Valerie Capallo and Karen Currie.