From left to right: Allison Watts, Ashley Stevens, Lauren Reuter, Evan Simpson, Elizabeth Leizear, Nicole DeMonte, Katie Mistretta, Sabrina Campbell, Tiffany Francis, and Katie Lane.

Although their SU days are over, the fun begins. These new graduates are prepared to launch their careers as laboratory professionals. Their skills will assist doctors identifying patients that have the Flu, Strep throat or Meningitis; perform blood typing to find suitable blood products for those who need transfusions; discover patients that may have cancer; or categorize infectious organisms that may be used as a bioterrorism agent.

I am proud to say that eight of these students are now working in the laboratories at Johns Hopkins, Northwest Hospital, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Techpet Veterinary Laboratory, Wellspan Health Gettysburg Hospital, Health Diagnostic Laboratory and Washington Hospital Center while two students are continuing their education this fall 2014 in medical school and pathologist’s assistant program.

Best wishes to all of you! 

Betty Ciesla and Heather McGann contributed to this post.