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Film and Moving Image

Acquire a foundational understanding and career-oriented skill set to succeed in the 21st-century film industry

Students majoring in Film and Moving Image learn the keys to creative storytelling and digital cinema while digging deeper into a concentrated, specialized track in preparation for a career in the field. Focused tracks include cinematography, editing, producing, and writing.

  • Overview


    Bachelor of Arts or Science

    In the Film and Moving Image major, you'll acquire a thorough grounding in the liberal arts and an understanding of the techniques used to create film/video productions. By the end of your second year in the program, you'll select a track and begin taking courses in your specialized field, culminating in a senior project that integrates your aesthetic vision with your technical training. You'll also gain internship experience that allows you to work with professionals in the field.

    What Will You Learn?

    • Create films and other moving image projects, using current crafts and emerging technologies that are grounded in a strong sense of personal style.
    • Write film and moving image proposals and screenplays.
    • Think and write critically about film and moving image history, aesthetics, global perspectives, and production techniques.
    • Navigate the business of film and moving image production and distribution.

    Why Study Film and Moving Image?

    Through extensive, hands-on experiences, you'll develop your technical production skills and refine your analytical and critical skills by studying works of professional and artistic merit. Beyond this core, you'll select one of four tracks: cinematography, editing, producing, or writing, culminating in a capstone experience that prepares you for a career path in a field you love.

    • Show your work to an audience during the Senior Showcase and Senior Film Festival.
    • Benefit from faculty who are active in their fields, giving you excellent professional connections.
    • Gain hands-on learning experiences beginning your freshman year.
    • Participate in an internship and learn from professionals in the industry.
  • Courses & Requirements

    Courses and Requirements

    The courses listed below must be completed to earn a bachelor's degree in Film and Moving Image. In addition to the foundational required courses, each student must select a specialized track to complete further study. Students must also complete the requirements for the Stevenson core curriculum.

    Major Requirements (all students)

    • EDCP100-FV-1 1st Year Seminar
    • FMI101 - Cinema I: Visual Storytelling
    • FMI102 - Cinema II: Fundamentals of Continuity
    • FMI103 - Introduction to 16mm Film Production
    • FMI201 - Cinematography I: Black & White
    • FMI204 - Broadcast Production
    • FMI211 - Basic Screenwriting
    • FMI221 - Art & Craft of Editing I
    • FMI231 - Film and Moving Image History
    • FMI301 - Documentary/Promo Production
    • FMI302 - Narrative Production
    • FMI304 - Directing the Actor
    • FMI331 - Major Directors/Movements
    • FMI351 - Internship
    • FMI401 - Senior Project Pre-Production
    • FMI402 - Senior Project Production
    • IS125 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
    • ART106 - Art History Survey
    • PHOTO141 - Basic Digital Photography

    Students must also complete the courses for one of the tracks listed below.

    Cinematography Track

    • FMI201 - Cinematography II: Color
    • FMI303 - Lighting for the Camera
    • FMI305 - Production Design
    • FMI306 - Experimental Cinema
    • FMI334 - Film Aesthetics

    Editing Track

    • FMI222 - Art & Craft of Editing II
    • FMI241 - Sound & Sound Design
    • MOGR330 - Type in Motion
    • MOGR331 - Intermediate Motion Graphics
    • VCD230 - Typography I

    Producing Track

    • FMI353 - Budgeting & Scheduling Films
    • FMI355 - The Business of Filmmaking
    • FMI352 - Grant Writing
    • FMI354 - Production Management
    • FMI451 - Film Distribution and Intellectual Property

    Writing Track

    • FMI311 - Advanced Screenwriting
    • FMI313 - Script Analysis
    • FMI334 - Film Aesthetics
    • FMI352 - Grant Writing
    • FMI411 - Feature Film Writing

    Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree under this program. Bachelor of Arts degree students must complete at least two courses in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above.

  • Tracks & Minors

    Tracks and Minors


    The following tracks are available with their specialized learning objectives.

    Cinematography Track

    • Capture moving images on both film and video, using current and emerging camera technologies.
    • Compose and light moving images that reflect a highly developed personal aesthetic style.
    • Supervise the grip and electric members of film and video crews.
    • Develop shot lists, and film/video crew and equipment plans with a director and producer as part of a team.

    Editing Track

    • Import and manage film and video footage, and create special effects and titles using current and emerging editing applications.
    • Edit moving image projects with an aesthetic style appropriate to the production.
    • Deliver a finished product through a variety of current and emerging post-production processes.
    • Work with a director and/or clients and complete a project as a part of a team.

    Producing Track

    • Create organized industry-standard production plans for film and moving image projects.
    • Write grant proposals and industry-standard budgets for film and moving image productions.
    • Develop effective marketing strategies for film and moving image projects, using current and emerging understandings of the industry's legal and financial structures.
    • Work with a director, as part of a team, to create an efficiently run film and moving image production.

    Writing Track

    • Analyze and write complex film and television scripts, both short and feature-length, according to industry-standard formats.
    • Write grant proposals for film and moving image productions.
    • Write about films and film criticism with a highly developed personal aesthetic style.
    • Work with a director and/or producer and complete a project as part of a team.


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