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Film and Moving Image News

As advertised earlier, the Department of Film/Video took a field trip with students and faculty on Saturday, October 11, to New York's Museum of the Moving Image. A good time was had by all! 

[To see the original photos - and more of them - please visit our Flickr album]

The Department of Film/Video at Stevenson presents its annual Online Fall Film Festival, which runs from Monday, October 27, at 9am, through Friday, October 31, at 5pm. All current Stevenson students are eligible to submit films, and also vote (once) on which film should win. The final winners will be determined exclusively by Stevenson students voting online for their first choice. All voting will take place via a Survey Monkey link which we will make available - exclusively for Stevenson students - on October 27. For information on how to submit, download our official "Call for Entries" form.

To see the winners from past years, visit our Vimeo Channel for this year's festival (this link will showcase this year's entries starting on October 27):

Prizes will be awarded to the top three vote-getters. See the Rules & Regulations, above, for further information on how to submit. Contact Dina Fiasconaro with any questions.


1st Place:                   G-Technology Mobile Hard Drive

2nd Place:                  $100 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place:                  $50 iTunes Gift Card

Students in our new second-year FMI201 ("Cinematography I: Black & White"), taught this semester by Exsul Van Helden, work with our new Canon 6D DSLR cameras on some interesting projects. Here is a collage of the class on a shoot, along with some examples of their first projesct. In the top left photo, from L-R, on a dolly, practicing follow focus are Gerard Butler (standing), Gabby Sturgeon (in hat), Alex Korty (standing), Jasmine Sterling (next to Gabby), Alex Costley (standing), Dan Crapanzano (racking focus), Joe Dimaio (sitting), Kara Stone (standing). Below that photo are two projects, one by Joe Edmunds and the other by David (DJ) Carmon. Then, from top to bottom on the right are projects by Gabby Sturgeon and Joe Dimaio. All of these are still photo recreations of other artists' work. Finally, on the bottom right, is a close-up photo of the Canon 6D, taken from wikicommons.

[above still taken from "Gods," by Ben Block, Class of 2016]

Greetings! Be you a current student, an alum, a Stevenson staff or faculty member, a prospective student or parent, or just a casual visitor to our site, please be sure to check out some of the great work by Stevenson Film/Video students on our Vimeo page. We've organized the films into albums, and to make it easier for you to find out, here the links for some of those albums:

Beginning Work

Intermediate Work

Advanced Work



Enjoy! There are more albums - and plenty of great films - to see on the site, so go ahead and browse to your heart's content!

On Thursday, September 26, we screened the feature film Hellion, as part of our Fall 2014 Artist-in-Residence visit. The writer/director, Kat Candler, and producer, Kelly Williams, were both present.

For more photos of the event, check out Stevenson's Flickr site.

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