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The School of Design invites everyone to the End-of-the-Year Party for students, faculty, and staff.  The festivities will take place this Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.; the party will be held behind the School of Design under the big top!!  You can’t miss it.

This year’s picnic will be Carnival themed, complete with carnival food, such as Hot Dogs, Burgers, Fries, Funnel Cakes, and Cotton Candy. There will also be music and much more!  All students, faculty and staff are welcome and please feel free to bring your spouses, significant other, and children of all ages to this event. The faculty and staff in the School of Design will be honoring the graduating seniors, so please plan to attend! 

We look forward to seeing you on the 14th!!


[Photograph taken by senior fashion design major, Victoria Clark.]

Please vote for fashion design student, Ms. Jasmine Ward. This contest was opened up to fashion majors and the winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship. To vote, sign onto Facebook and copy and paste the link below; make sure you click the VOTE button on Jasmines picture, which is the same photo as the one posted above.

After you vote, please share with your friends and family on Facebook, as each person can only vote one time. Voting ends May 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm.

Thank you for supporting our talented student!!


The Fashion Design program presents its Fourth Annual Student Fashion Show, “A Common Thread,” on Sat., May 9 at 7 p.m. in the Inscape Theatre (GS). Tickets have sold out.

However, if you missed your chance to get tickets the show will be STREAMED LIVE to the Ratcliffe building, which is located on the Owings Mills Campus on Saturday, May 9 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Free Vouchers for the streaming event are available from the Box Office located at the ROCK (Rockland building) to the Stevenson Community and their guests.

Free DYI crafts and refreshments will be provided at this event!!

We hope to see you there!


[Junior Fashion Design major Cori Green (left) works with technician Leah Aronhime in Stevenson's Fashion Design Studio on the University's Owings Mills campus.]

Stevenson University’s Fashion Design program will present its fourth annual Student Fashion Show, “A Common Thread,” Saturday, May 9, at 7 p.m. in the Inscape Theater located on the Greenspring campus, 1525 Greenspring Valley Road, Stevenson, MD 21153.

The student-produced event features original clothing designs for men, women, and children. A special segment of the show will introduce the audience to the “We Are One In Fashion” collection created by the junior fashion design students. The garments were inspired by the traditional fashions from countries all across the globe. In partnership with the Plitzs Fashion Marketing Company, select pieces from this collection, along with the work of seniors and alumni, traveled to New York City and were featured on the runway at the historic Hotel Pennsylvania during the city’s prestigious Fashion Week.

In celebration of the program’s second graduating class, the senior students will be showcasing their individual collections. Each original garment has been crafted and meticulously constructed using both hand and machine methods. This year’s production—led by seniors Nakia BoomerMary Katherine Ellsworth, and Jocelyn Williams—features a broad and diverse mix of clothing reflecting whimsical children’s wear, costume inspired looks, bridal designs, and a variety of marketable styles for women.

“Designing a fashion collection is a labor-intensive, but rewarding process. I am impressed by the passion the students lavished on each of their unique collections,” said Sally Di Marco, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of the Fashion Design program. “The garments are not only innovative but also wearable. Their impeccable work ethic should take them far in their careers.”

For more information on Fashion Design at Stevenson, email

Stevenson University, known for its distinctive career focus, is the third-largest independent university in Maryland with more than 4,400 students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and adult bachelor’s programs at locations in Stevenson and Owings Mills.

This fabulous Press Release was developed by Mr. David Snyder from SU's Marketing and Digital Communications Office.

“In demonstrating natural dyeing for the Introduction to Textiles class, it showed the original way fabric was dyed using herbs, flowers, and vegetables.  We used turmeric and red cabbage as the dye sources.  The experiment also showed students a more sustainable way to dye fabric using natural dyes as well as how much time and energy it takes to make the beautiful colors we see in our clothing today.” – Professor, Leslie Simpson

On Monday, March 30th, 2015, Professor Leslie Simpson and I demonstrated a natural fabric dying with her Introduction to Textiles class.  We began with boiling water in two pots on an electric portable double burner.  Once the water came to a rolling boil we added hand shredded week old red cabbage to one pot, turmeric powder to the other pot, and a tablespoon of kosher salt to each pot.  Following the steps in a natural dying video tutorial we found (the link is posted below), we allowed the red cabbage and the turmeric to boil for 30 minutes. While the dye was boiling I pre-soaked our strips of natural fabrics in warm water.  Once the red cabbage was finished boiling, Professor Simpson, strained the dye, and poured the water, free of cabbage pieces, back into the pot.  We then split our fabric in half, placing half of our natural fabrics in the turmeric pot and the other half in the red cabbage pot, which we then let boil for 45 minutes.  The students participated by pulling the fabric strips from the dye, rising, and drying it. 










Please check out the helpful YouTube video we used as a guideline for our natural dye test: “How-To Make Your Own Natural Dye with the EtsyLabs”

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