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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

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The chemistry department kicked off the school year with games and cookies last week to bring students and faculty together. There was fun and laughter as majors from all years came for a little down time. It's a great opportunity to meet and get to know your faculty on a more personal level. Cookies with Chemists meets every other Wednesday at 2 PM in Solve Center D. The next event is on September 13th. Hope to see you there! 

Incoming class of 2021 freshmen are converging on campus this June for Mustang Days to complete orientation to Stevenson University. Students will learn how to register for classes and complete their Fall 2017 semester class schedule, as well as meet their Student Success Coach who will work with them their entire first year at Stevenson. Freshmen also take placement tests, meet faculty in their major, learn about campus resources, obtain their Stevenson student ID and meet fellow incoming students. For more information about Mustang Days, click here.

Biochemistry major Angelica Lackey is spending her summer internship with the Johns Hopkins Department of Pediatric Neurology, in the Ketogenic Diet Center. She was able to visit the helicopter pad at the hospital on her second day and was competent in taking patient histories by her third day. Angelica dreams of becoming a physician, and this internship is helping her to strongly confirm this and is bringing her " step closer to becoming a doctor!"

The Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences and Department of Chemistry are happy to announce the following chemistry (C) and biochemistry (B) students earned their bachelors degree in chemistry(C) or biochemistry (B) and many participated in the morning commencement ceremonies: Courtney Aceto (B), Kennedy Akwo (B) , John Backert (C), Kaylah Briscoe (B), Corinna Carter (C), Carli Castiglia (C), Julie Davenport (B), Theresa Davenport (B), Jan Donato (B), Amber Dwight (B), Blake Ford (C), Nick Hooke (C), Sade Lucas (B), Andrew Potter (C), Lexie Spertzel (C), Briana Winer (B) and Craig Winters (C). Congratulations graduates! 

Students in the School of the Sciences were recognized for their academic achievements at the May Celebration and Dessert Reception held on Wednesday. Special recognition goes to chemistry and biochemistry graduates honored. Corinna Carter received the American Chemical Society Award and the award for Academic Excellence; Blake Ford received the Chemistry Service Award; Courtney Aceto received the Brusini Excellence in Science Award, and the following students were inducted into Sigma Xi : Courtney Aceto, Blake Ford, Sade Lucas, Andrew Potter, Briana Winer and Craig Winters. Congratulations, graduates! 

Blake Ford received an additional recognition at commencement: the President's Award for  Scholarly and Creative Achievement. 

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