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For her capstone research, biochemistry senior, Kayla Bell is researching three of the most common mutations related to lung cancer. She is really enjoying the exposure and challenges of working in a research setting. She likes the hands-on work, and being able to make decisions about her project. Kayla still hasn't settled on an exact career path, but is using this experience to explore a new career option.

Biochemistry senior, Rebecca Moore, is completing an internship at MedStar NRH Rehabilitation Network in Ellicott City working as a clinical assistant under seven different physical therapists. "I enjoy my internship because I am able to be involved with the patient's recovery by assisting them in their rehabilitation. I prepare heat, ice, electrical stimulation pads, game ready sleeves and machines, and run patients through exercises depending on the patient's needs for their recovery. In the future, I plan on attending graduate school to work towards my Masters and, eventually, my Doctorate in Physical Therapy."

Becca is shown here (on right) practicing the exercises with another clinical assistant at her internship site.

Chemistry senior, Katie Abbott, is completing her capstone internship in a specialty mail order pharmacy (directRx pharmacy) this summer, working in the home delivery department. In this department, she processes medications through insurance companies. She's excited to be learning a lot about pharmacy, which is preparing her well for her planned career in pharmacy.  

This summer, biochemistry senior, Ginell McLean is participating in the 2015 Minority Undergraduate Student Internship Program (MUSIP) at the US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground.  Ginell reports that the summer is going really well. The purpose of her research projects is to aid in protecting the war fighter as well as civilians.

"I love the fact that I am doing research that can change the world.  Having the opportunity to gather data that will be useful for terrorist attacks and civilians health is just amazing to me. It feels great to be able to work in a facility that helped with the 2001 postal office anthrax scare situation and to be doing research that would prevent an incident like that from occurring again."

 This summer research experience fits in very well with Ginell's career plans.  "My career goals are to work within the government and aid in the benefit of the war fighter. I  have always had a strong urge to work with people who were affiliated with the armed forces and serve them as they as they have served our country."

Congratulations to Chemistry senior and BS/MS student in Forensic Sciences, Andrew McGregor, on being chosen as an intern in the Summer Intern Program for Information Assurance (SIP/IA) with the National Security Agency (NSA)!  Andrew will spend his summer involved in information assurance projects, including protecting and defending the nation's information systems networks and outmaneuvering cyber adversaries.  In order to be chosen for this very selective and competitive internship, Andrew submitted an extensive application and went through a long security clearance process.  Andrew is really excited about this amazing opportunity!  

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