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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

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The Stevenson University School of the Sciences hosted it's 2nd annual Spring Spectacular on April 26th. It was held on the North lawn of the Manning Academic Center and involved science demonstrations, logic puzzles and games, liquid nitrogen ice cream and lots of fun. The highlight of the day was hands down the ping pong fountain. 

Senior chemistry major Blake Ford has been working with faculty member Dr. Burkett this semester, attempting to crystallize a low-coordinate iron complex as a simple model for the nitrogenase active site. Nitrogenase is an important enzyme in plants that converts nitrogen into more useful ammonia, which serves as a starting material for many natural and synthetic processes. Ammonia is an important starting material in fertilizers, but also in pharmaceuticals. With a non-plant based system, this process can be orders of magnitude more efficient. They are talking over plans to have the latest extraction product sent out for x-ray crystallography. 

Special recognition goes to adjunct professor of chemistry, Dr. George Lauterbach, who was presented the 2017 Rose Dawson Excellence in teaching award. The honor is presented annually to recognize Stevenson faculty, both full-time and part-time, who exemplify the art of teaching as mentors and as scholars. Dr. Lauterbach has been living his dream of teaching chemistry with Stevenson University for many years, touching the lives of hundreds of students. Congratulations, Dr. Lauterbach!


The chemistry department was thrilled to have a visit from alumni visiting during their spring break from pharmacy school. Alec Romanowski and Katie Abbott are both 2016 chemistry graduates, in their first year of the University at Buffalo Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences program, and on track to earn the PharmD degree. The entire department was on hand to say hello and welcome them back to Stevenson. We wish them continued success and hope to see them again soon! (Pictured L-R: Dr. jeremy Burkett, Dr. Michelle Ivey, Dr. Tim Dwyer, Dr. Dawn Ward, Dr. Will Harrell, Dr. Ellen Roskes, Alec, Katie, Dr. Tracey Mason, Dr. Sara Naryan, Ms. Kaitlin Bailey.)

Junior biology major Anna Chippi (left) and senior biochemistry major Julie Davenport have been conducting research on human cancer cell lines this semester with chemistry faculty member Dr. Tracey Mason. They are looking at the influence on cell death by platinum-containing drugs with an alternative geometry to the current clinical chemotherapy agent Cisplatin. If drugs with a different mechanism of action are discovered, this can help cancer patients with tumors that have developed resistance to Cisplatin during treatment.

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