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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

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The American Chemical Society Student Club sponsored the annual Chemistry Magic Show and it was truly MAGICAL again this year!  Science students  presented experiments and were able to easily explain all the “magical” effects that occurred- color and temperature changes, disappearing and reappearing testtubes, and glow in the dark liquids.  The standing room only crowd loved everything about the show! Congratulations to the ACS Club for such a phenomenal performance! 

The ACS Club set up a candy buffet with 12 different types of candy to celebrate National Chemistry Week to go along with this year’s theme “The Sweet Side of Chemistry – Candy”.  All students from the university were able to come to the table and make a custom bag of candy with items from the table.  As they were filling their candy bags, officers were giving students some fun facts about candy as well as explained the chemistry behind candy making. 

Students in the department watched several video of Halloween related chemistry experiments including Self-Carving Pumpkins and Green Fire Pumpkins.  Then students attempted to build a pumpkin catapult using basic supplies. 

Mandi Sheroke, who graduated with her BS in Chemistry in May, has joined the School of the Sciences as a GA for the Chemistry Department. Mandi is in the BS/MS program and will receive her Master's in Forensic Science in May 2015. As a GA, Mandi will help out in many ways: helping students with job searches and resume preparation, doing officework, helping with recruiting events, and being available to pitch in wherever else her help is needed. In return, Mandi's tuition is paid for and she receives a stipend each semester.  

Mandi said, "I'm so excited to be a GA for the Chemistry Department. I loved SU as an undergraduate and I'm happy to give back to my department in whatever way I can!"

All new freshmen and transfer chemistry and biochemistry majors are invited to participate in our Chemistry Mentoring Program.  New students and their mentors meet in both large and small group settings throughout the first semester.  New students tell us how much they benefit from having a peer mentor to help them through their questions as they acclimate to SU.  

Pictured above is one of the Mentor Program events.  Pizza, games and activities resulted in everyone having a good time!

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