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Business Information Systems

Drive the technology that drives business.

The Business Information Systems program is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in business with a focus on information technology. The major satisfies the business sector's need for well-rounded technology professionals. As technology managers, graduates of this program are responsible for delivering information services to the end-user while cost-effectively administering their organization's information resources.

  • Overview


    Bachelor of Science

    The Business Information Systems major consists of core courses in programming and network and database design followed by a career focus in technology management or e-commerce technology. After completing a series of practical IT courses, you will complete a sequence of dynamic business courses.

    What Will You Learn?

    • Articulate technology skills learned and applied during academic career.
    • Perform those information technology tasks essential to chosen career path in application, network, or database design.
    • Communicate technology ideas with confidence and clarity in team meetings and public forums.
    • Demonstrate a professional competency in research, analysis, and business writing.
    • Converse in the languages of application, network, and database design.
    • Assess business problems using analytical and critical thought processes to identify the best technology solution.
    • Pursue an IT career and perform as a well-rounded technology professional, able to leverage talents and interests.

    A complete listing of learning outcomes for the Business Information Systems program can be found in our Academic Catalog.
    Learning Outcomes

    Why Study Business Information Systems?

    Business Information Systems graduates are prepared for leadership in today's technology-driven business climate, not only academically but also through Stevenson's rigorous emphasis on internships and real-world work experiences during college.

    • 100 percent job placement rate for graduates during the past three years
    • Students are prepared to work in growing government and nonprofit sectors, too
    • Recent graduates have found careers with the defense industry, scientific research, and e-commerce developers
  • Courses & Requirements

    Courses and Requirements

    The courses listed below are required for completion of the bachelor's degree in business information systems. Students must also complete the requirements for the Stevenson core curriculum. Specific pre- and co-requisites for each course are provided in the course descriptions.

    Some secondary requirements, which are noted by an asterisk (*) in the list below, can also be used to fulfill a core curriculum requirement.

    Major Requirements (all students)

    • IS 135 Advanced MS Office Applications
    • IS 140 Information Systems Architecture and Design
    • IS 150 Relational Database Design and SQL with MS Access
    • IS 170 Systems Development with UML
    • IS 201 Management Information Systems
    • IS 231 Network Technologies
    • IS 240 Programming Concepts with Visual Basic.NET
    • IS 260 Presentation Theory and Application (BIS Technology Management Track Only)**
    • IS 301 Principles of E-Commerce
    • Three of the following:
      • IS 320 Human-Computer Interaction***
      • IS 350 IS Internship
      • IS 380 Information Security for the Organization****
      • IS 480 Technology Law
      • IS 481 Project and Knowledge Management

    **Students on the technology management track may choose IS 260 Presentation Theory and Application as an alternative to IS 240. However, a later switch to another BIS or CIS track will require the completion of IS 240.
    *** For students on the e-commerce technology track, IS 320 is required as it is a prerequisite to a track course.
    **** For students on the technology management track, IS 380 will count for the track requirement.

    Students must also complete the courses for one of the tracks listed below. They may substitute a track offered under computer information systems; if they do so, they will be awarded the computer information system degree.

    Technology Management Track

    • IS 280 Data & Database Management
    • IS 380 Information Security for the Organization
    • IS 385 Management of Business Networks
    • IS 386 E-Commerce Business Solutions
    • IS 387 Wireless Technology Solutions for the Office

    E-Commerce Technology Track

    • IS 343 Web Architecture and Design Technologies
    • IS 361 E-Collaboration and Social Networking
    • IS 386 E-Commerce Business Solutions
    • IS 443 XML E-Business Applications
    • IS 462 Current Topics in E-Commerce

    Secondary Requirements (all students)

    • ACC 121 Principles of Accounting I
    • MGT 210 Business Writing*
    • MGT 204 Principles of Management
    • MKT 206 Principles of Marketing
    • One 300-400 Level INBUS, MGT, or MKT Course

    Business Information Systems Resource Guide

  • Tracks & Minors

    Tracks and Minors


    Technology Management Track

    The Technology Management track begins with a series of practical courses in systems, data, security, and network management followed by a sequence of courses in business management, marketing, and entrepreneurial leadership. The track's blend of business-related and technology-focused courses prepares you to become a knowledgeable technology manager.

    E-Commerce Technology Track

    The E-Commerce Technology track gives you an edge in today's global, Web-based business landscape. This cutting-edge track includes courses in Web architecture and design technologies, e-collaboration and social networking, e-business applications, and e-commerce business solutions.


    Students who wish to pursue a minor in Information Systems may choose any six courses from the business information systems or computer information systems programs. IS 134 will count toward the minor. The lowest acceptable grade is a "C-" in all information systems courses. Please see an academic advisor for more information. For specific information regarding minor requirements, please consult the minors section of the catalog.

    B.S. to M.S. Option

    The B.S. to M.S. option is available for students majoring in Business Information Systems who wish to combine their bachelor's coursework with work for a master's degree in one of Stevenson's graduate programs. Students choosing this option may earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree in as few as five years. Students must formally apply for entrance into a BS/MS option in their junior year. Once admitted into this program, students develop an education plan in consultation with their undergraduate and graduate advisors.

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What Can You Do With This Degree?

Graduates of our Business Information Systems program embark on many rewarding career choices, including:

• Business Analyst
• Computer Hardware Engineer
• Database Administrator
• Multimedia Designer
• Network Administrator

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