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Applied Mathematics News

Congratulations to Sean Doughterty on his graduation this month.  Sean leaves SU with a job offer in hand.   He completed his Honors Capstone Internship at Maxim Healthcare Services this fall.  Based on his success there, Sean was offered a position as a Financial Analyst upon graduation, which he readily accepted.  Best wishes, Sean!


The School of the Sciences Poster Session gave students a chance to share their summer and fall internship experiences with faculty, staff and other students.  It was a also a great chance for students to celebrate their success with their friends and family!  Kudos to all!

Visitors, faculty, students and staff gathered in the gym for the School of the Sciences 2014 Poster Session.  All students who had completed a senior Capstone internship or research experience, as well as underclassmen who had completed a research experience presented their work. Our math students were well represented at this event and did an amazing job sharing and explaining all they had learned from their experiences.  

Nick VanRensselaer completed an internship with Earl Acquaviva, a Family Wealth Strategist, at Bunting Management.  Nick learned a lot from, what he called, "an awesome experience,"  He enjoyed learning about investing and studied methods of valuation to determine which yielded the most accurate results.  Nick looks forward to taking a computer programming class next semester to supplement what he learned in his internship.  

Math senior, Anna Foote, completed her Honors Senior Capstone at the United States Census Bureau in Suitland, Maryland.   Math majors from previous years have interned there and all have had a very positive experience.  Anna loved her work in the Innovation and Technology Office.  She learned a lot about the census and how the bureau ensures quality data about the nation's people and economy.  Anna also studied the effect of immigrants on the US economy.  We're excited to share that Anna has been asked to continue her internship in the spring and to work fulltime at the Census Bureau upon her graduation in May!

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