In The Tao of the Liberal Arts  Gerald Greenberg writes about the pervasive and undefinable nature of the liberal arts. He argues that it is the result, rather than the details, of a liberal arts education that matter.  Greenberg defines that result as: "The transfer or creation of knowledge and the cultivation of the habits of the mind so graduates can develop and mature into successful, productive members of society who can appreciate others, experience and embrace the notion of empathy, and come to understand the joys and benefits of lifelong learning."  At Stevenson, we have a unique curriculum that combines liberal arts with career  planning.  This combination contributes to the success of our students because the liberal arts component of a Stevenson education provides a foundation for lifelong learning and career development.  Moreover, the liberal arts also contributes to the creation of a thoughtful, open-minded, and educated citizenry that will be well prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the future.