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Deciding Students

Stevenson University is committed to offering resources to those students who have not yet decided on a major. Because deciding on a major can be daunting, academic advisors work closely with students to explore different academic disciplines during their first semester of attendance. This allows students to find a field of study that is a good fit with their overall academic career plan.

Many academic opportunities reside within the University's different academic units, including the new School of Business and Leadership, and over 40 fields of study. For some, the Interdisciplinary Studies major is the best choice as it allows students to individually design a course of study by combining two academic disciplines. No matter what professional goals students may have, Stevenson's experienced faculty and staff can assist with designing a custom career plan that fits the interests and skills of the individual. In addition, our Experiential Learning curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn by doing and experience the "real world" in their field of study.

Resources for Undecided Students

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Academic Advising is a free service available to all Stevenson University students. For more information, please contact the Academic Advising Office at 443-334-2332.

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