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Presidential Search

Overview of the Presidential Search

From Strategy to Reality

When founded in 1947, Villa Julie College was a small non-residential Catholic women’s school located on a 60-acre estate in scenic Baltimore County. Fast forward to today and the transformation is breathtaking. Re-named Stevenson University in 2008, it is now the third largest independent university in the state of Maryland. Committed to its liberal arts core, Stevenson has over 4000 undergraduate and graduate students, seven schools with 34 degree programs and eight master’s degrees, a large and vibrant Division III athletics program, state-of-the-art research and learning facilities, and an award-winning Career ArchitectureSM model which integrates career education with a strong liberal arts curriculum. The University is currently situated on three campuses, totaling 165 acres, and has an opportunity to acquire additional land which will enable expansion of student capacity to 10,000. This remarkable growth is due to several powerful forces: an unwavering commitment to growth; strong, courageous leadership; and, a supportive community of stakeholders. Stevenson is truly a university “on the move.”

Dr. Kevin Manning has served as the institution’s President for sixteen years. He has led the University during a period of tremendous growth. This remarkable story is documented in a report entitled From Strategy to Reality, Stevenson University, 2000-2015. In March of 2016, Dr. Manning announced his plans to retire as of June 2017.

The next President of Stevenson University will have the opportunity to usher the institution into its next phase of growth and further maturation as a leader in higher education. The Stevenson community seeks a new President with a strong commitment both to the liberal arts and to the University’s career orientation, an impressive record of scholarship and leadership, and an exemplary record of and potential for leading institutional growth.

The position profile draws heavily on the University’s materials, as well as from a significant number of discussions with Board members, faculty, staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders.