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Date of Printing: July 2015

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Stevenson University, 2000-2015

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Donald B. Ratcliffe


Charles E. Herget


Kevin G. Byrnes


James. B. Stradtner

During the course of the strategic planning era of 2000-2015, Stevenson was privileged to have the Board of Trustees leadership of many, including four dedicated professionals who served as Chair. Each brought genuine enthusiasm and support to the University and to the general cause of expanding a quality education for our students.

Donald B. Ratcliffe, an area architect who led the Board from 1989 to July 2002, prior to his passing in 2009, was instrumental in helping the College to expand beyond being a commuter school and to grow beyond the confines of the original Villa Julie campus. Charles E. “Ted” Herget, Jr. was elected Chairman in 2002. A well-known business and community leader, he had been involved in varying capacities with the campus for more than 27 years. Herget was the ideal transformational leader, assisting the Board in its guidance of campus growth and the decision about a name change and university status. Kevin G. Byrnes was elected as Vice Chair in March 2005, following two years on the Board. A banker and civic leader, he followed in Herget’s footsteps as Chair in May 2005. Under his watchful eye, the College transformed into a successful, career-focused university with a new name that helped Stevenson achieve rapid growth and favorable recognition. At the end of the spring 2015 semester, Byrnes stepped down as chair, succeeded by Board member James B. “Jim” Stradtner. A Senior Advisor at Century Capital Management and the Managing Partner of Century Private Investments, LLC, Stradtner has been an actively involved trustee since August 2002 and has shared his financial acumen as well as his love of education with the University.

The University is grateful to all of its current and previous Board and Presidential Advisory Council members for their countless hours and dedicated support.

Additionally, the strategic planning and tactical implementation of the University’s growth was supported by a dedicated group of administrators who worked tirelessly with President Manning, serving as his Cabinet. By 2015, this team included nine members: a Chief of Staff as well as leadership in academics, student affairs, enrollment management, marketing and digital communications, finance, human resources, advancement, and public affairs/strategy.

vice presidents

From left to right: Sue B. Kenney, Vice President and Chief of Staff; Mark Hergan, Vice President, Enrollment Management; Brenda Balzer, Vice President, Human Resources; Stevenson W. Close, Jr., Vice President, University Advancement; Sharon Markley, Vice President, Public Affairs and Strategy; Paul D. Lack, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs; Glenda G. LeGendre, Vice President, Marketing and Digital Communications; Timothy M. Campbell, Executive Vice President, Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer; and Claire E. Moore ’67 ’03, Vice President, Student Affairs.