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Chapter 3

A National Leader in Career Education

During the initial strategic planning process in 2000, it became clear that the then-College needed a new themeline to help focus on its defined vision and to help generate a high energy level on and off campus. Once the powerful concept of Career ArchitectureSM was identified as a means for students to create their own strategic career plans, it was used to identify key messages. The words “imagine” and “design” emerged as desirable terms to include. Following extensive market research, the final themeline, “Imagine your future. Design your career.®”, became the trademarked theme for the College and remained as such when it changed to university status. The theme is almost always visible since it is linked with the institution’s primary logo.

students working on lego challenge

Each year, students in the First-Year Seminar participate in the annual LEGO® Challenge to represent what they have learned about Career ArchitectureSM.

career fair

student at career fair


The Office of Career Services holds career fairs, workshops, networking events, and other activities throughout the year.

Stevenson’s Office of Career Services has undergone numerous iterations since the Career Architecture concept was launched. Ellen Yerman, former Director of Career Services, worked with her staff and faculty to introduce the concept into the curriculum so it would have more of a career focus. This approach helped then-Villa Julie College garner an Innovator of the Year award for Career Architecture in 2003 from The Daily Record. As a national leader in career education, Stevenson developed and hosted two national conferences with career opinion leaders to help universities across the country hone their career support skills. Under the subsequent leadership of Christine A. Noya, former Assistant Vice President, Experiential Learning and Career Services, and working with the innovations consulting group IDEO, the University utilized a well-defined “deep dive” approach to identify the concepts of personal direction, professional know-how, and discipline expertise for SU students.

career architecture graphic

innovator award

career architecture frame work graphic

The Career Architecture artwork commissioned by Stevenson from internationally known graphic designer Nigel Holmes.

This theory, practice, and mentoring toolset became known as The Stevenson Promise. In 2012, Anne Scholl-Fiedler, Vice President for Career Services, further brought the concepts to life in the Office of Career Services with the infusion of a relevant technique of assessing “dependable strengths.” Stevenson students participate in an annual first-year LEGO© Challenge event to help introduce them to the Career Architecture process in their first semester. The University produced a short documentary on the LEGO event and process that premiered on WBAL-TV in January 2013. Annually, specific industry symposiums and career fairs are held. The Office of Career Services also provides extensive career staff support, including Industry Specialists for each School.

victory statue at sunset

Stevenson’s iconic statue, Victory, was unveiled in 2014.