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Cierra Colón
Assistant Director, Public Relations
Marketing & Digital Communications
Phone: 443-352-4262

John Buettner
Vice President,
Marketing & Digital Communications
Phone: 443-352-4494

Office of Marketing & Digital Communications

Now Introducing the Greenzone!

August 20, 2018 10:00 AM

Presenting the new and improved Owings Mills North Greenzone! Students can now get Stevenson University Student Activities event tickets while going to and from class.

The desk will have someone to answer all questions and help students sign up for events Monday through Thursday between 9AM and 3PM. Tickets will still be available at Rockland Marketplace as well.

In addition, the university has several other new facilities coming this fall, including: a Reading Room and Coffee House in Garrison Hall South, and a new fitness studio in Wooded Way.