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Internal Support

  • Internal Awards

    The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) manages the administration of internal grant awards, available to full-time faculty to promote research and scholarship.

    Faculty Research and Scholarship Awards, FY 2017

    Person Department Project
    School of Design
    Christopher Ernst    Film & Moving Image Completion and Festival Submission of the Film “Corpse” 
    Lori Rubeling   Art / VCD Spaces and Places as Situations for Practice-led Research Questions: Analyzing My Observational Drawing Practice
    School of Education
    Clotile Galbraith    Education Perceptions of Information Literacy Competencies Before and After Information Literacy Training Modules
    School of Graduate and Professional Studies
    Joyce Williams    Nursing Recovery of Foreign DNA Introduced Through Kissing, an Extension Study
    School of Humanities and Social sciences
    Geetha Suresh    Criminal Justice Disfigurement Stigma: A Study of the Victims of Domestic Assaults with Acid in India
    School of the Sciences
    Keith Johnson   Biological Sciences The Community Based Oyster Resotration Advancing the Science, Efficiency, and Public Awareness of the Future of Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay
    Tracey Mason    Chemistry Determination of repair and apoptotic status of human cancer cells after treatment with trans-platinum compounds: trans-[PtI2(amine)(amine’)]-bearing different aliphatic amines
    Mark Norris    Biological Sciences Ecological impacts and restoration of an emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) infestation of ash-dominated forests of Western New York
  • Faculty Conferences

    OSPR administers funds for faculty members to attend academic conferences. About 60 trips are sponsored each year.

    Full-time faculty may request up to $1,500 annually for conferences at which they present.  If they are attending only, they may request up to $1,000.  Adjunct faculty may request up to $1,250 for conferences at which they are presenting.  If less than the maximum is requested for one conference, the remainder may be used for an additional conference if funds are available.

    Announcements will be made to faculty members when applications for the academic year 2017-2018 will be accepted.

  • Student Research Opportunities

    Each fall, our office conducts several seminars to acquaint students with upcoming summer research internship opportunities available across the country. For many students who participate, this activity can serve as their capstone experience as well.*

    Student Research Sponsors List, FY 2016

    Program Title Program Sponsor
    Research Experience for Undergraduates National Science Foundation
    Student Undergraduate Research Fellowships National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Pathways to Science Institute for Broadening Participation
    Amgen Scholars Programs Amgen Foundation
    NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program National Institutes of Health
    SMART Program United States Army Research Laboratory
    *All capstone experiences must be coordinated with assistance from Michelle Schwartz, Coordinator for Student Engagement. For more information, please call Michelle Schwartz at 443-334-2134 or email her at .

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Stevenson University
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Assistant Vice President
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