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OSPR hosted a Winter Writing Retreat. Eleven faculty members came for the 2-day retreat which gave them the opportunity to write, research, and collaborate as they worked on articles, books, and grant proposals. Many took the opportunity to engage in peer review with fellow faculty members.

Thank you to Sue Bonsteel and the library staff for allowing us to make use of the second floor of the library. This was the first time we have held this type of retreat, without an outside facilitator, and utilized the library as a venue. The evaluations by the attendees told us that this event was deeply appreciated by the participants, and likely to become an annual event.

Thanks you to the library staff, and thank you to all the participants!

Dina Fiasconaro Wins Film Award


Congratulations to Dina Fiasconaro. She has received an award from the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in Film and Media at the Johns Hopkins University. The award is in support of her film project, “Commercial for the Queen of Meatloaf.”


Dina is the Associate Professor Film & Moving Image. Her short films have screened at a variety of festivals, including Portland Underground, Blackstar, and NYC International. She is a recipient of the ‘Generation Next’ screenwriting grant. Her feature documentary, Moms and Meds, is currently available on Amazon.


“Commercial for the Queen of Meatloaf” is a domestic drama within a television commercial within a short film. In a surreal 1950’s commercial, a housewife prepares meatloaf for dinner and what emerges is “The Queen of Meatloaf” incarnate, who invades the homes of consumers and wreaks havoc on the set.


Congratulations to Rachel Clein and Erich Guzman. Both students received a Certificate of Achievement for the outstanding presentations at the ABRCMS Conference in Tampa, Fl, this past November.

Do you know what a research administrator is?



Congratulations to MAYAUGUST FINKENBERG, Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Services. Mayaugust attended both recent sessions of the 2016 Summer Writing Retreat, and has submitted an article for publication from the work she completed during those workshops.


The work is titled “Giving Children the Tools to Bounce Back: Building Resiliency Skills for Children Experiencing Homelessness.” It has been submitted for publication in the journal Perspectives on Urban Education.


Attendees at the workshops benefitted from reviews of their work by our very capable consultants, Dr. Herb Childress and Dr. Jenny Shanahan, and from the opportunity to focus on their scholarly work in the serene setting of the Gramercy.


Furthermore, Mayaugust had an article published last year in the ICERI 2015 conference proceedings. Her article, “Building Resiliency Skills in Children Experiencing Homelessness: A Case Study of a Summer Learning Program,” was written in part during the Summer Writing Retreat held in 2015.


We wish you hearty congratulations, Mayaugust!




Jan 2018